12-Year-Old Hattiesburg Girl Turns Love of Art Into Business

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) – Growing up, you often hear kids say they hope to one day become a doctor or a lawyer. A young girl from Hattiesburg, however, aspires to become an artist.

Shanti Woodard, 12, has already gotten a head start on her potential career, even earning a few extra bucks.

The young artist said she admired the sound of a brush stroking the canvas, saying it was a peaceful melody to her ears. Thus, for four hours of the day, she passes her brush back and forth, painting everything that comes to mind.

“It’s based on my imagination,” Woodard said.

Her brilliant imagination helped Woodard paint several pieces like the human eye, abstract works, and even avatars. She gives each painting her unique touch.

Shanti describes art as her place of escape and happiness.(wdam)

“She had one (a painting) and I loved it,” Woodard’s mother Krystal Price said. “I love them all, but it was one with this girl coming out of the water, and she had like a sunflower eye. And it was like the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Like, how did you create this?

Price introduced arts and crafts to her daughters when they were around two years old. However, Woodard was the only one who really stuck with it, eventually turning her hobby into a business called Crafty Mermaid.

Woodard said it felt good to already have his own business at age 12.

The business has been booming lately, thanks to her mother making Crafty Mermaid a Facebook page. So far, Woodard has sold over 30 paintings and even shipped some out of state.

Shanti Woodard has sold over 30 paintings and even shipped some out of state.
Shanti Woodard has sold over 30 paintings and even shipped some out of state.(wdam)

“She just started shipping, so the first two were Ohio, and the newest were Illinois,” Price said. “So she gets there.”

Price believes it’s important that parents are always supportive of what their child wants to do, as long as they are happy.

Woodard said she wanted all the kids to be reminded to “never give up and always try hard in life.”

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