Real estate credit: geographical inequalities

The exceptional fall in mortgage rates has reconciled the French with their bankers. Thanks to the monetary stimulus policy conducted by the European Centrum Bank, the loan agencies can offer discounted rates. This is an opportunity for real estate investors and also for home loan holders. The former have access to low-cost banking facilities, while the latter have the option […]

What is the benefit of performing a credit redemption simulation? | Loan consolidation

Why make a simulation of redemption of credits? To find a better budget balance and get out of a debt situation that has become too heavy, the solution is to restructure your debts by reducing your monthly repayments. In the event that you have decided to resort to a credit redemption, it is then strongly recommended to carry out a […]

Benefits of Credit Cards: Introducing Emergency Cash and Withdrawal

Many people know that credit cards often have many travel-related benefits. The most well-known of these benefits are travel insurance and airports. Access to airport lounges is also a priority on some credit cards. In addition to these well-known benefits, some credit cards also include a drawdown and emergency cash feature. But what do they mean and where are those […]

Credit Card Rates Comparison

Most of us pay the most attention to the card’s annual fee when choosing a credit card, and usually we don’t even pay much attention to it. Credit card rates rarely compare, and most of us seem to humbly accept the first credit card offered, which is usually our own credit card. However, there are differences between credit cards, and […]

How to reduce the installment amount, having a loan in currency.

  The raging rate of the Swiss franc can palpitate every borrower with a commitment in this currency. No wonder that customers are looking for solutions that will allow them to save on loan installments. Online currency exchange is one of them. Partner material How can online currency exchange help reduce the monthly burden? How do online currency exchange offices […]