3 tech developments Qualcomm’s CFO is most excited about

OWith a recently completed acquisition and ongoing developments in the metaverse, there is a lot to do Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) direction to be excited about these days. In this segment of “Semiconductor Revolution”, recorded on February 3Motley Fool contributors Nicholas Rossolillo and Jose Najarro discuss what’s new from Qualcomm.

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Nick Rossolillo: He answered about three of the technologies he’s most excited about in the coming years. Qualcomm acquired this company called NUVIA almost a year ago now. It’s a start-up. They design chips based on the ARM architecture. It is the company that Nvidia was trying to acquire. NUVIA is designing these chips based on the ARM architecture, and this will probably accelerate next year. Qualcomm is trying to release processors based on NUVIA designs to enter the PC market. Like what Apple did this with their new MacBooks, where they converged the same processor used in the iPhone. It’s now essentially a bigger version of that and in their laptops and tablets, a huge performance boost.

This could actually be a very big long-term risk for AMD, which we just talked about. I think it’s a bigger risk for AMD than Intel East. So of course, Intel. I think everyone is going after Intel these days. It’s something really interesting to watch. Qualcomm sees great potential for its chips in the PC market. They also recently acquired a small software company called Arriver, they acquired it from an automotive supplier called Veoneer. I wrote about this a few months ago about the details of this. Next, Akash said the most exciting, the Metaverse. Someone here put on a quest two helmets. Does anyone regularly visit the metaverse here?

Jose Najarro: I didn’t use that one. I used the PlayStation 4 headset, released four or five years ago. I think that was the last time I used a virtual headset, and this technology alone seemed insane to me. I believe Qualcomm makes chips for sonythe helmet too.

Nick Rossolillo: They certainly do. The Oculus Quest 2 is the leader. I’ve seen estimates that something like maybe three quarters of all VR headsets are Meta‘s, Facebook’s Oculus company. That was in November, but they said they’ve shipped 10 million so far. Obviously we just went through the holiday shopping season and I know like a ton [laughs] of my friends went for one of these things so who knows what that number is now? But mobile continues to grow. Qualcomm has a lot of growth potential ahead of it.

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