3D bronze letters hug the neoclassical facade of the historic building in Prague

In the historic city center of Prague, a famous cultural monument is undergoing a modern transformation. After extensive reconstruction, what was once the Zenger transformer substation will be converted into the new Prague Kunsthalle space for art and culture. The contemporary art institution will open in 2022, and it’s already ready to welcome future guests with an elegant bronze logo made up of 3D letters that climb up the corner of the building’s neoclassical facade. The revolutionary design was designed by Studio Najbrt, a leading graphic design studio based in the Czech Republic.

The modern type embraces the historic facade of the building, blending in perfectly with the architecture as if it had always been there. The curved bronze typography translates the identity of the new art space into visual form, and its unique design makes the name of the institution visible from several different angles. The large capital letters of the cast bronze logo are based on a vintage typeface from the 1930s. It was originally created by German designer Jan Tschichold around the same time that the historic station was built for the first time.

The 3D cast bronze letters themselves could be considered a work of art. To achieve the characteristic bend of the type that allows the characters to so perfectly fit the corner of the building, the Czech design studio had to go through a series of tests and design changes. And they first used various paper designs and visualizations to ensure the correct angle in the hinge of each letter. According to the studio, this ambitious project is their “greatest achievement of typography in public space” to date.

Scroll down to see more images of Studio Najbrt’s stunning bronze logo for the new Kunsthalle Praha art museum in Prague. To learn more about the Czech design studio, you can visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

Stunning 3D bronze letters curl to conform to the neoclassical facade of a historic Prague building.

Studio Najbrt Design 3D Cast Bronze Capital LettersBronze metal typography on Kunsthalle Praha Art Museum PragueStudio Najbrt Design 3D Cast Bronze Capital LettersStudio Najbrt Design 3D Cast Bronze Capital LettersBronze metal typography on Kunsthalle Praha Art Museum PragueStudio Najbrt: Website | Instagram
Kunsthalle Prague: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
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All images via Studio Najbrt.

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