5 business startup ideas for teens

Today’s world has gone digital, providing people with resources and information that were not previously available. More than ever, everyone, including adolescents, has access to information and financial resources to implement any innovative ideas they may have. If you are an enterprising teenager looking to make money, there are several starter ideas you can implement. Here, we take a look at just five starter ideas that you can easily implement.

Graphic design

If you have an artistic bent and love digital media, graphic design is something you should consider. It’s an easy skill to learn using the right software, and your school might even offer it. Even if no one is available to teach you, there are hundreds of free video tutorials on YouTube, and you can use other online educational platforms as well.

All you need to practice graphic design is a computer with the right software. Then you can easily work from anywhere and hone your skills with practice before you start billing clients. Beyond the fact that graphic design skills can help you earn money while in high school, it can also be the start of a career in the market, branding and design.

Even if you don’t plan on pursuing a career in these fields, graphic design remains a lucrative and sought-after skill that can net you big bucks with the right clients.


Another business idea that you can easily implement as a teenager is tutoring. It could be yourself teaching yourself or organizing it all and working with your friends. As a teenager in high school, tutoring is an ideal business because you already have the market in place. As long as you are an expert in a subject and have a talent for teaching, you can start a tutoring business. It does not require any start-up capital or equipment.

Besides earning through tutoring, it will also be great to include it in your CV or university application. A tutoring business can be a sole proprietorship or you can work with others. Your clients are your juniors and classmates, and you can easily get referrals.

Freelance writing

Are you planning to pursue a career in literature, journalism and other similar disciplines? Then you could hone your skills through freelance writing and even go ahead to monetize them. It’s an ideal startup that doesn’t require any money. You probably already write essays as part of your schoolwork. So you just have to write a few more songs for the others.

There are several writing possibilities available. Individuals, magazines, websites, etc. are all looking for writers, and you can also use freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or even traditional job boards to find writing jobs.

Personal service

Providing personalized service to people is also a profitable start-up idea that requires little money. Personal services can take many forms. For example, you can run errands for people, help them walk their dogs, drive the elderly, babysit, run errands, make deliveries, maintain the lawn, etc.

There is no limit to the services you can offer, and you can easily make money from any of them. Most of the time, you earn less by offering personal services than other startups that require a skill. But you get to make some really valuable connections along the way, and with enough referrals you can earn a lot. Your first customers are your neighbors, family members and friends. From there you can expand as much as you want.

Makeup Artist Company

If you enjoy working with others and know a lot about lifestyle and beauty, makeup artistry is a good deal to try. You only need to have makeup application skills and buy all the basic products and equipment you need. It may require some capital, but nothing too expensive.

Finding clients can start with your friends who need makeup for events such as proms. From there, you can use social media and word of mouth to get more customers and reach a wider audience. Makeup artists can make huge profits over time.


There are several starting ideas that you can implement as a teenager. Those listed above are chosen for ease of entry and low cost of starting capital. In most cases, what should inform the startup idea you choose should be your passion, not just how much money you could make. With passion, it will be easier to acquire the necessary skills and provide better services. In addition, social networks and quality services give you the best opportunities for free advertising.

Posted on October 2, 2021

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