5 tips and tricks small sellers can use to be successful at ecommerce this holiday season

The holiday season is fast approaching and shopping sprees have started across the country.

From north to south and east to west, India’s diverse culture and traditions make this the busiest time of year for every entrepreneur. The season presents many opportunities for businessmen to meet the vast demand of customers, increase their sales and grow their business.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly every business has turned to selling online, and shoppers are turning to apps, websites and social media. The online space is now crowded, which is why smaller sellers, resellers, and retailers are fighting for their share of the e-commerce pie this holiday season.

Before the end of the year celebrations, SMBShistory spoke to industry experts to list some important tips and tricks for small sellers to be successful this holiday season and increase their sales.

Customize the product

Giving a personalized offer is the best way to attract attention. This way the customer does not have to browse the website to search for a related product.

“Personalization goes a long way and as a seller you have to go the extra mile to make your product stand out during the holiday season,” says Hirdyesh Mordani, co-founder of MyEasyStore, an e-commerce platform that helps small business owners. set up their online store.

To attract more customers, you can also give them the option to add a product of their choice, even at the minimum cart value.

Offer festive offers and discounts

Sellers can also offer and combine complementary products in bundles.

Angad Kikla, co-founder and CEO of CityMall, a community e-commerce platform, explains:

“Bundles sell very well because the consumer does not have to search separately for items in the same category. In fact, they don’t mind even if one or two products in the bundle are extra due to the ease of buying them together.

As a seller, you can also give a discount on the entire line of party products, which can make customers more excited to shop.

Attractive packaging and smooth experience

Eye-catching packaging is the on-the-spot tool to influence your customers and as a result Angad claims that unique and attractive packaging that includes all the relevant information along with stunning offers overwhelms customers.

Besides the attractive packaging, it is also essential to provide a smooth experience. Hirdyesh points out that customers who buy online are skeptical of the seller’s availability and would be sympathetic if there is a problem with their order.

It is helpful to respond to customers when they contact via reviews, direct messages or calls, even if it is negative feedback, you should address their concerns and offer a solution.

This establishes brand trustworthiness, helps it gain more recommendation and builds customer loyalty.

Successful deliveries

On-time delivery is what the customer is looking for when shopping online. As a seller, you need to make sure that your customer doesn’t have to worry about delivery delays.

Shiprocket CEO and Co-Founder Saahil Goel says there’s an influx of orders during the holiday season, and it’s essential for any seller to own their brand’s customer experience.

To do the same, technological platforms are the solution. Technology that predicts successful deliveries and helps reduce costs on the seller’s side and on the logistics partner’s side is a must.

Marketing advertisements

To stand out, you need to position your product appropriately. With increased digitization and almost everyone owns a smartphone, it is now essential to serve ads for your brand or product on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

To market the products, you can also use free online software to create graphic designs for promotional videos that describe the features of your products. On top of that, you also need to be consistent with your organic promotions and word of mouth marketing.

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