5 ways to reuse blog posts to create marketing content

Content marketing has always been one of the most profitable activities for online businesses. By using content writing services and promotional strategies, a website can generate consistent traffic and secure continued sales. But what separates an average blog from a razor-sharp marketing machine? It’s the ability to reuse content across multiple channels. Here’s how you can repurpose your own blog posts into diverse marketing content.

5 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content for Digital Marketing Campaigns

1. Create micro infographics to share on social media sites and Google Business Profile.

Not all infographics need to be an extended visual content item. Instead, create micro infographics — they’re easy to share on social media and also work well as images in a Google Business Profile. You can take an attention-grabbing statistic or concept and then turn it into a micro-infographic that gets people hooked quickly.

You can also take a series of posts (like the one you’re reading right now) that has really good points and turn them into a micro-infographic. Apart from being a great visual that can be used in a variety of ways, it can also drive traffic to your website for full strategy and/or advice details.

2. Gather a series of blog posts on a topic to create a guide.

Informative or educational guides are a good way to get downloads and subscriptions to email newsletters or membership sites. However, rather than developing a guide from scratch, combine popular posts into a cohesive structure and repackage them for easy consumption. You can then use some of the strategies used to promote blog posts to promote the guide.

Or, rather than turning it into a guide, another popular idea is to turn it into a book, which you can then sell on your website or on Amazon.

3. Use blog posts as marketing copy in email newsletters.

Email subscribers most likely joined your list to gain access to relevant information. Therefore, adapting blog posts for an email newsletter is an effective way to deliver to your audience. You can use the content as a teaser for the main blog, adjust the content according to the newsletter format, or take the main theme as a starting point for a new release. Whichever path you take, having a popular blog post as your starting point guarantees a positive response with minimal extra effort required.

It works just as well in reverse. Take the newsletter and adjust the format to a blog post. Repurposing content (especially when you have something well written) is a great way to fill your website with quality content.

4. Use blog content for your next presentation to a group.

Are you a speaker at conferences and other events? Then the content from your blog can be reused for your presentations. One of the advantages of this approach is that you already have the analytics of the post and the comments in the comments. Therefore, the content has been audience tested – indeed, it is ready for a live audience.

We’ve been known to do this quite often – and this is another trick that works well in reverse. You can take a PowerPoint that you (or a team member) have spent hours creating and turn it into a blog post, download, or some of the other items listed here.

5. Use the copy to create videos that you can upload to YouTube.

YouTube videos can help businesses find a completely different audience than a blog. Many consumers will only look for video content on one topic – they are hesitant to read long articles. But with blog content already in place, you can simply adapt it to a video format using graphics or a direct-to-camera presentation. Effective content marketing is all about reaching targeted consumers wherever they are, and YouTube is one place you can’t ignore.

Reach more customers with content marketing services

All of the tips shared above can be used to create blog content or to take blog content and produce something else, including sheets to sell your products and/or services.

Personally, I recorded a presentation that I gave twice and had it transcribed. I adjusted the formatting and produced two books – which I then sold many copies of! For a client, I took one of their presentations and turned it into three blog posts, a guide, an infographic, and 12 micro infographics. So if you’re not repurposing your content in different formats, you’re definitely missing out.

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