A DC dream day for Ashley May and Brian Raupp, co-owners of Others Coffee

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In DC Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

Coffee is the guideline of Ashley May and Brian Rauppthe relationship. The co-owners of Other Coffee launched his small coffee roasting business in 2020, during the pandemic, drawing on his experience as a barista in DC-area cafes.

“Others is about celebrating connectivity through coffee,” says Raupp. “As we grow, I think otherness is going to be more apparent. It’s not about us.

Raupp is a rapper (known as Brian Rapp), graphic designer and barista at Somewhere, a streetwear retailer and cafe in Navy Yard. May is an artist whose work focuses primarily on painting and illustration. The soon-to-be-wedding couple collaborate on the design of their whimsical coffee packaging reminiscent of a cereal box.

They turned their one-cup-of-coffee ritual into an Instagram account in 2017 called Rabbit and Fox (now named @otherslovescoffee), where they shared their journey as baristas and coffee lovers and their experience in various cafes.

“We always wanted to shoot [Rabbit and Fox] into something more, but we didn’t know how until the pandemic hit and we were sitting in the apartment trying to figure out what we should call ourselves,” May says.

Others offers beans from Nicaragua and Ethiopia, in addition to an assortment of coffee accessories, on its website. The coffee beans are roasted Songbyrd Music House, a relationship Raupp has built by performing on location over the years. Other Coffee is also available for purchase at Elle in Mt. Pleasant and Somewhere. Plans include opening their own cafe.

On the couple’s dream day, when they’re not juggling life as baristas and parenting their toddler Jackie, the Navy Yard residents spend time at home watching their favorite shows, hitting the city ​​cafes and eat at their leisure. to neighborhood restaurants.

Ashley May: We don’t work on Saturdays, so Saturday is the day.

Brian Raupp: The three of us would wake up, and no one would be rushing to go somewhere. Waking up with a little baby is really cute. Jackie is probably the cutest and quietest in the morning, and it’s a precious moment.

We were making pancakes, bacon and making our coffee. We were watching “Summer Camp Island” on HBO Max. There’s a layered humor that we can both appreciate. I think Jackie likes to watch anything on a screen.

Then we’d probably go for a walk Arsenal, which is what we like to do. We really wanted to take Jackie to a museum just to see what he reacts to. We talked about taking her to the National Portrait Gallerybecause he really takes the time to look at the art.

May: Before or after the museum, we went to a café.

Raupp: Although She sells our cafe, we haven’t been there yet to soak up the vibe – like sitting and having a latte inside their cafe – so we were going. It’s a beautiful space.

May: I would definitely order a house salad and a cappuccino from Elle. Then we’ll go our separate ways, and Brian will have his hair cut.

Raupp: I am having my hair cut by a gentleman called Darius Davie inside of Sincerely yours Hotel. It has a space called Married Guy. I was going to see him and have my hair cut. It’s probably the most refreshing thing I can do for myself besides taking a shower. Maybe Jackie would come with me, so we can just have fun and hang out with some homies, so mom can hang out with mom.

May: I’d probably be down in the hotel lobby writing and doodling on my iPad, or going across the street to Tatte and order a cappuccino or a dry cappuccino – it’s my favorite drink. Having some solitude is part of my ideal day, even if it’s just an hour to doodle on the iPad, make art, or sit and people watch. Then it would be dinner time, so we would head back to the Navy Yard.

Raupp: If we want to be chic, we will go to Chloe; it’s a kind of tapas bar. We would both have the penne pasta. It’s too beautiful to part. We like too District wine estate. The menu is super small. We are both white wine drinkers. We get the fried Brussels sprouts, the soy-glazed crispy chicken bites, and the fries.

May: Then we would come home and watch something, because we are a “show before bed” family. Right now we’re watching “Top Boy” on Netflix; it’s like the UK “Paid in full”. If we have dinner at home, we usually sit together as a family; we will watch a family program together. We just finished “Seinfeld”, and before that we were watching “Martin”. This is how we would end our ideal day.

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