A New Cohort of Art and Design Students Joins VCUarts Qatar

The fourth week of July saw Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar), a partner university of the Qatar Foundation (QF), welcome new students, staff and faculty for the 2022 academic year- 2023.
This year, more than 75 students from more than 20 countries joined the country’s only university dedicated to art and design, which opened in 1998.
The first week began with an orientation program for new undergraduate and graduate students.

Orientation of students

The orientation program for new students was led by the Student Government Association (SGA) of VCUarts Qatar and the university’s Student Life and Engagement Division under the Student Affairs Department. The new students were welcomed by VCUarts Qatar faculty, staff and students, including Dean Amir Berbi?.
“Congratulations on being accepted to VCUarts Qatar”, Dean Berbi? said. “That in itself is an accomplishment. I know that getting into a center of excellence like VCUarts Qatar involves months and months of preparation, building a portfolio and getting good grades. And now that you are here, I have to thank you for making VCUarts Qatar your university of choice.
The new students were then introduced to the directors, heads and chairs of the various academic and non-academic departments, who gave the students an overview of the programs at VCUarts Qatar.
The orientation program for new students consisted of a four-day activity-based introduction to VCUarts Qatar. Icebreakers, brainstorming and team building activities were all linked to a theme to give participants a taste of the four academic paths – art history, graphic design, interior design and painting + printmaking – at VCUarts Qatar.
Sarah Faheem, Acting Director of Student Life and Engagement, said, “This year, SGA spent nearly a month planning hospitality activities. When one thinks of a university, it is almost always the academic programs that come to mind. But college life is much more than that – it’s the sum of a student’s whole experience. And if new students are aware of the facilities, resources, tools, and expertise available at a leading art and design school such as VCUarts Qatar, the more they will be able to utilize during their undergraduate years. undergraduate or graduate.
Members of the Qatar Foundation Student Life team were present at the orientation. They shared information about “Marhaba” – the upcoming education city-wide orientation event.
Sruthi Subash, one of the new students joining the university this year, said she had set her sights on VCUarts Qatar since high school.
“VCUarts Qatar was one of my top picks since high school, so I’m very happy to be here,” she said. “I love painting and the hands-on process of creating artwork. So I hope to join the Painting + Printmaking program for my degree.”

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