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Iconic Offices understands that every business has different needs and priorities. As the market leader in flexible workspaces in Ireland since 2013, Iconic offers a wide range of solutions for flexible workspace models in 16 unique locations in Dublin. From hybrid work and coworking to custom-designed floors to accommodate global teams, Iconic provides tailor-made solutions for a wide range of clients.

Iconic profiled several of its unique clients to understand why they chose a flexible workspace as the perfect solution for their business. To learn more about John Phelan’s story, read on.

Tell us a bit about Skinny Designs?

Skinny Designs is an independent graphic design and illustration service. I work on a wide variety of articles, from annual reports to bespoke illustrations, from logo designs to advertisements. My clientele is also diverse and I work with everyone from businesses to small businesses.

Before Skinny Designs, what did you do?

I have over 20 years of experience in graphic design, working in the corporate sector, the agency world, and now for myself. I started by working as an internal designer in the marketing department of a large financial institution. I then worked for 8 years in the agency world. There I was seconded to work directly with clients on site on a few different projects over the years. I really enjoyed these experiences, and they gave me the idea that I could manage these relationships on my own.

When did you first get interested in design / illustration?

I started to get interested in art in general when I was very young and started reading comics – mostly Spider-Man comics. I’ve always liked the look and feel of the comic and the way it told the story. I loved how the art and the text worked together and complemented each other. My aunt would buy me American import Marvel comics and I would walk every inch of them from cover to cover. I was just in awe of it all – I couldn’t get enough of it. This love for graphic design in all its forms stuck with me and evolved into a love of graphic design over the following years. I still collect comics to this day.

How did The Greenway (Iconic Offices) seem like the right solution to you?

I was really impressed with the general look of the offices and the atmosphere on the ground. I immediately had a good feeling and there was a real buzz around the place. I had seen a few desks by this point, and it was a cut above. It was so clean and organized too – which I loved. I’m a bit of a neat freak and can’t think properly unless my surroundings are clean and tidy.

It was great to work alongside people and companies from different backgrounds. Working alone at home was sometimes quite isolating, so the social aspect always appealed to me. The worst part of working alone was not being able to discuss random day-to-day things with people or just brainstorm ideas. Plus, meeting people from different companies and industries gives you new perspectives on how people work. It all really helps when you are working with a diverse group of clients.

What prompted you to choose a flexible workspace over a traditional desk?

I spent a lot of time visiting offices before choosing The Greenway, but as soon as I got my visit I decided I wanted to work here. The look and feel of the space along with the list of facilities available for my monthly fee made my decision easier.

What’s next for Skinny Designs?

2021 has been a really interesting and encouraging year so far. I’ve worked on a lot more illustrations for websites, bespoke infographics, and character designs. I would like to continue to develop the illustration side of my business. I love everything about design, but I am really passionate about illustration, and I feel like I have a unique set of skills to offer.

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