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Lebanon (MNN) — As Lebanon the financial crisis worsens, people are not paid enough to buy food. Even highly educated men and women can’t get jobs who make enough money.

International Horizons wants to help by connecting these people in Lebanon with businesses and ministries in the United States. Pierre Houssney says: “Some of my friends in the United States have companies that they work for or that they own. They are figuring out what small tasks here and there they could give to someone who is capable and just needs a little training and guidance.

It is about paying these believers a sustainable and decent wage. Duties can include graphic design, video editing, or even accounting services. Houssney says an American pastor employs people in Lebanon for an e-commerce website that supports his ministry.

Kingdom work

How does this intersect with the Great Commission? Houssney says, “One of the most strategic things we can do today for the Great Commission in the Middle East is to help believers in Lebanon stay in Lebanon.

“Not only do we give them the opportunity to generate income, but we also help them apply their new skills in ministry contexts. »

Do you have jobs or roles that can be done online? Consider outsourcing to Lebanese believers. Houssney says, “Contact us and we’ll let you know if we have staff available. Or we can recruit new employees who are competent in these areas. There is a high level of education in Lebanon. They are ambitious people who can really help your business or ministry.

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