Announcement of the winners of the Fifth Lihpao International Sculpture Biennial – Announcements


Announcement of the winners of the Fifth Lihpao International Sculpture Biennial
October 30, 2021

Lihpao Cultural Arts Foundation

2F., No.270, Xinhu 3rd Road

Neihu DistTaipei 11494



The fifth edition of the Lihpao International Sculpture Biennial Awards, organized by the Lihpao Cultural Arts Foundation, announced the final result on the online platform on October 30. This year’s theme is “INFINITY”. Although the COVID-19 epidemic is raging around the world, it still attracts 318 entries from 46 countries to participate, and the number has peaked in a decade.

The work of the Spanish artist Nando Alvarez Water dance inspired by the changing elements of nature, such as water or wind, won the top prize. Nando Alvarez used stainless steel with stability and solidity to express the shape of thin slices flying through the air and reflect the feeling the artist seeks in his mind. For winning this award, Nando Alvarez also recorded a special video and said: “When I heard that the work was in the final stages and he could visit Taiwan, I already thought it was a very great price! But unfortunately due to the outbreak I cannot get it in person. I really hope that once the world situation stabilizes, I can go to Taiwan, enjoy this beautiful place and meet the Lihpao Cultural Arts Foundation.

The winner of the Tsai Yun Prize is Taiwanese artist Zong-Mu You. He won the award for his work Shell Spin 21. Zong-Mu YOU used wood to show that the spiral in the circle produces an effect similar to an infinite symbol that is neither a beginning nor an end. Keep moving forward, endless loop. The winner of the Enterprise Award is Taiwanese artist Chien-Ting Lin, who works Companion species through the excessive twist between breaking and continuing, and instantly condenses and prolongs the action in different spaces, showing another level of sublimation. The two winners of the “Award of Excellence” are Taiwanese artist Chih-Hang Lin and Bulgarian artist Liliya Pobornikova. Chih Hang Lin’s work crush 22 expresses the concept of “reproducibility” and “sustainable use”, traveling and retracing the chronology; The work of Bulgarian artist Liliya Pobornikova is based on the theme of the biennial “Infinity” award. In the name, taking nature as the creative inspiration, through the “circle” as the main form, the balance, harmony and unity of nature are considered to represent the cycle of the seasons, of life and of the sun. . It also shows the infinite time and the infinity of nature. The power and the endless possibilities.

The Lihpao Cultural Arts Foundation has invited renowned sculptors and critics from Great Britain, Japan and Taiwan to be the jury for this Biennale. Including British sculptor, environmentalist and also professional underwater photographer Jason deCaires Taylor, president of the Okinawa Prefecture University of the Arts, Hatano Izumi, and Taiwanese sculptor-Hsu-Tong Han, professor of the Department of fine arts of the Taipei National University of the Arts. Chi-Man LAI, professor of history in the history department of National Cheng Kung University and also famous critic from Taiwan, Chong-Ray HSIAO, and chairman of Lihpao group, Pao-Tien Wu. We look forward to improving the professionalism and quality of this biennial international sculpture award through mutual cooperation between industry, government and academia.

The jury said: “About the first prize works, the interesting part is that they look like splashing water and have the shape of a living water droplet, which will give you a feeling of joy. Looking at the reflection of the stainless steel, the works will be more diverse. From different angles, the reflection will change, and it seems to have a feeling of movement.

The Lihpao International Sculpture Biennial Awards is organized with the cooperation and assistance of the Dutch Taipei , Taiwan Philharmonic Office, the National Symphony Orchestra and the Okinawa Prefectural University of the Arts, the Sculpture Department of the University Taiwan National Arts School and the School of Fine Arts. Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts Through creation, art can carry infinite light and glory, allow more remarkable works to be seen, and show the endless possibilities of art under the epidemic through the language of the sculpture. Lihpao Cultural Arts Foundation will try to infuse abundant energy for doing arts in Taiwanese society while making the most of corporate social responsibility to achieve the spirit and goal of sustainable culture with a more open heart.


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