ANTI_CGI + AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE + FILM INDEPENDENT + CINEMA MAGIC: 7 Instagram accounts every movie buff should follow

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with nearly 2 billion monthly active users. The reason for the app’s popularity lies in the visual content as well as the sense of accessibility to family, friends and celebrities that this app offers users.

It is also a popular and convenient place for businesses to market their products and services to their target audience. There are many niches and communities on Instagram and there is something for everyone, including movie buffs. Whether it’s your favorite actor, a film academy, or a page sharing film history, there’s plenty to keep moviegoers engaged and if you’re considering setting up your own Instagram account on the movie theme, you can use the following accounts as a great point of reference and make a mass unfollow on instagram to get rid of all irrelevant accounts and refresh your account. So without further ado, here are 7 Instagram accounts every movie buff should follow.


First on the list is an account called Anti-CGI which has around 103,000 followers on Instagram. Aramis Gutierrez created this account which is one of the most popular accounts on IG for movie buffs. This account is on a mission to highlight all non-computerized special effects, however, the content is not strictly limited to this and you can also expect to see an impressive collection of old-school/retro film photos that we we all know how to love.

American Film Institute

The American Film Institute has 401,000 subscribers. This non-profit educational arts organization preserves the heritage of motion pictures in honor of the artists and their work to help create these visual masterpieces. They also aim to educate the next generation of filmmakers and actors and have since become leaders in film and television, specifically dedicated to insiders who focus on the past, present and future of filmmaking.

film history

History of Cinema is an Instagram account with 795,000 followers. This account is dedicated to helping moviegoers rediscover scenes from classic movies that have been forgotten over time. The account also shares behind-the-scenes footage of some of the most iconic moments in movie history. You can expect a mix of stills, videos, funny memes and cheesy facts, and this page comes highly recommended for anyone looking to explore the world of cinema a bit more.

Strange Ports

The Strange Harbors Instagram account has 14,300 followers and is an online magazine committed to sharing all things pop culture. If you love cinema then this is a great Instagram account to follow as they share great stills from movies including new, indie, classic and cult. Apart from the pictures, they also share relevant information about the pictures which will also expand your knowledge of movies.

The blacklist

The Blacklist has 32,400 Instagram followers and is considered a go-to account for anyone interested in screenwriting. The story behind the blacklist is interesting, in 2005 100 film industry development executives were asked by Franklin Leonard about their favorite scripts that didn’t make it into movies. The first list was known as the blacklist and since then many other lists have been created.

independent of cinema

Independent Film is a page dedicated to building creative independence in visual storytelling. With 223,000 followers, this account supports a community of artists who represent innovation, diversity and a unique vision. The organization as a whole hosts an impressive 250 annual events and screenings, including the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Spirit Awards. In addition, they also offer an artist development program that includes free labs that can be used by selected writers, producers, directors, and documentary filmmakers.

movie magic

Movie Magic has 3.4 million Instagram followers and the account is dedicated to showing the love of the film industry as well as celebrating some of the best movies in cinema history. This popular Instagram account likes to share photos of scenes from the classics as well as interesting facts about those movies and scenes. Here, you can learn some fun behind-the-scenes stories while revisiting some of the classics, making this page a movie buff’s dream.

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