Art Studios in Thurston County

OOur community is full of creative and artistic people. Art adds beauty and brain cells to our lives. There are many ways to see and experience art in our county. No matter your age or your desires. Art can be enjoyed by anyone and in different ways. You may want to admire the work of others. You might want to get your hands in the clay or around a paintbrush and do some crafting. Here are a few art studios in Thurston County to let your creativity run wild.

Late Childhood Gallery

222 4th Avenue West Olympia

Since 1971, Childhood’s End Gallery has been a museum-like store. With a focus on contemporary Pacific Northwest fine arts and crafts, you’ll find all kinds of media to admire. One section features a changing art exhibit. The rest of the space showcases unique gifts, functional crafts, home decor, jewelry, and other types of art to explore.

The painted plate

412 Washington Street SE, Olympia

Relax, create and have fun at downtown’s Painted Plate. Bring a group of friends or treat yourself to a craft session. The Painted Plante can also provide treats, drinks, and finger foods. Did you know that there are also take-out pottery kits?

Splash Art Gallery of Olympia

metal dragonfly sculpture on rock in Olympia
Art is all around us. This wire dragonfly garden sculpture was created primarily from recyclable materials and fashioned by Joanne Osband. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

501 Columbia NE Suite C, Olympia

Located on the Budd Inlet boardwalk, Splash Gallery of Olympia is an artists’ co-op where you’ll find oil, acrylic and oil paintings, molten glass, ceramics, photography and Moreover. It’s an intimate space with incredible variety. Art comes and goes, so every visit is like the first time.

The artists’ gallery

Capital Mall Promenade
2505 4th Avenue W Suite 105, Olympia

This artist-centric cooperative works to showcase art in Olympia by offering a wide selection of original, signed limited prints. You will explore jewelry, porcelain, glass sculpture, maps and wooden furniture.

Arbutus popular school

LeeAnn Perry stands out for her sculpture entitled Connections in marble from Danby, Vermont.
LeeAnn Perry stands out for her sculpture entitled Connections in marble from Danby, Vermont. Photo courtesy:

610 4th Avenue E. Olympia

Maybe you or your child are ready to learn more about fiber art or woodworking. Arbutus Folk School offers a catalog of courses taught by talented locals.

Van Tuienen Art

429 4th Avenue West Olympia

When you’re in downtown Olympia, take the time to discover the artistry of Debra Van Tuinen. She is a painter, printmaker, teacher and art advocate whose work has been shown around the world.

Olyphant art supply

119 5th Avenue SE, Olympia

Both children and adults can enjoy making art at home. Do you need brushes, paint, paper or other supplies? Olyphant art supply can help. Stop in or shop online.

The Olympia Farmer’s Market

Art deco jacket at Olympia Farmers Market
Creative expression comes through all kinds of media, including clothing. The Olympia Farmers Market has many people who work with fabric for clothing and accessories. Check out the many vendors. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

700 Capitol Way N Olympia

There’s always food at the Olympia Farmer’s Market, but many of the vendors are inspired artists. There are clothes handmade by Shari Trnka from vintage fabrics and exquisite ceramics by Marion Pollmann. Wander through vendor stalls to see what’s new, such as fun court art, candles, and jewelry.

Monarch Sculpture Park and Art Center

8431 Waldrick Road, Tenino

Celebrate the outdoor sculptures in the garden located along the Chehalis Western Trail. It’s open every day, rain or shine. It can be enjoyed by all ages. You can bring your dog as long as he is on a leash. Perhaps you will be inspired to create your own sculpture when you return home.

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