Arts and Crafts on Bedford and Spring Street Farmers Market


Arts & Crafts on Bedford and Spring Street Farmers Market Tomorrow, October 2 from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Shop for unique handicrafts made by local and regional artists.

Dine al fresco on Bedford Street. Restaurants will offer extended outdoor dining.

Fun for the kids too! Check out the Imagination Station in Latham Park with fun activities including: Kids Draw Free, Bodywise by Betty, Kid N Canvas and more!


African art center

Amanda Surveski Illustration

Creative Designs Reviews

Ben Bonart

Bountiful Candle Company

Alcoholic candles

Chanin Lubin Designs


Crunchy Diva Drawings

Dancing Bear Tassels

eden rocks!

star designs emmy

Erin DeLuca Jewelry


FoxFire Productions

Pottery from the garden grove

Handmade by Mary Ann

Holm-Hansen woodturning

James Polisky Screen Print Art

JL Crafts & Design

Comfort zone

Lennox Quincy Essentials

Leave it Flo Studio

LMNT jewelry

Brand designs

The root of nature for well-being

Nic Rose Photos


Roses in Ivy Creations

Collect the sisters

Samuel Sheen Art & Design

Photo by Skavitch

Solelunart SARL

Studio 162

Susan pillay

Table pottery by Ava

The attic


Lotus label

Treasures of the vineyard


Collective of the Wild Tribe

Learn more here.


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