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On October 2, when Schumacher Farm County Park is filled with artist booths, the artists – not the organizers – will reap the rewards.

This is because the Waunakee Craft Fair was planned by artists for artists.

The event is the brainchild of Natasha Lutes, who creates jewelry.

“I was doing shows before,” she said, adding that, reducing profits.

Organizers made the most money, Lutes said, adding that if the fair was canceled, artists often did not get their deposit refunded. At outdoor events, rain could also affect attendance and sales.

“Artists invest a lot in exhibitions and work. I was thinking about what I wanted to be available, ”Lutes said. She proposed an art exhibition centered on the artist.

Lutes joined the Create Waunakee committee, which aspires to support artists and innovators. She noted that since Waunakee does not have a year-round space where artists can display and sell their work, a one-day exhibition could help provide that support, she said.

“When I joined Create Waunakee, I had no idea how many artists and their talent because I never see him in Waunakee,” she said.

It is one of the works of Milo Kilen. The sculptor will exhibit at the Waunakee Craft Fair on October 2.

Opportunities like the Waunakee Artisan Fair can help artists succeed and bear the cost of supplies, whether it’s canvas and paint, photographic equipment, or metal.

“They need a return on their investment to keep creating,” Lutes added.

She spoke with fellow artist Rona Neri, award-winning nature and wildlife photographer, about the organization of the fair.

“Usually she keeps my feet on the ground,” Lutes said, adding that this time Neri encouraged her to pursue the idea. Neri has also agreed to be a co-organizer.

When Lutes approached the village administrator, Todd Schmidt, with the idea, he told her to “run with it,” she said. Create Waunakee provides banner ads for the event, but otherwise it is self-funded.

Schumacher Farm County Park donated the space, allowing Lutes and Neri to keep the cost of entry to $ 40 for performers. They started inviting artists to apply in January.

Both wanted to make sure artists saw strong sales. They created an event with a jury, accepting a “level of artistry that will appeal to an audience,” Lutes said.

“That’s why it’s a craft market,” Neri explained, noting the distinction between this event and the arts and crafts exhibitions. Craft buyers are different from art buyers, Neri said.

“We want to attract people who want to buy art,” she added.

To support young artists, they encouraged high school and college art students to apply for scholarships, waiving entry fees for 10 student booths.

They also invited artists from various backgrounds.

“All summer, Rona and I have had the terrible job of going to art fairs,” Lutes said.


A number of different mediums will be represented at the Waunakee Artisan Fair. This enamel piece was created by Paula Sparks.

Rona added that they have personally invited artists who they believe would be a good fit. Yet the Waunakee Artisan Fair will be the premier trade fair for a number of artists.

The Waunakee community can see the result on October 2 at Schumacher Farm County Park, where approximately 40 booths will showcase the work of regional artists. Cidre Restauration and several catering carts will serve refreshments. Live music is also provided. A nominal entry fee of $ 2 will be charged to participants. All fees will go towards funding the event next year, organizers said.

Neri sees the event as “a fun fall atmosphere,” she said, adding, “I ordered a perfect day.”

The fair will feature a variety of mediums including pottery, sculpture, quilts, photographs, paintings, mixed media and more. To take a look at some of the works, visit the Create Waunakee Facebook page features of local artists.


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