Bakery goes viral for Star Wars-themed ‘Pan Solo’ creation

May the dough be with you in San Francisco.

Mother-daughter bakery owners have gone viral after they handcrafted a ‘Star Wars’ inspired creation for Halloween.

Catherine and Hanalee Pervan of One House Bakery recreated the scene of Han Solo frozen in carbonite in “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” using bread dough, according to Eater San Francisco.

The duo dubbed the carb-filled artwork, which is a life-size replica of Harrison Ford’s character in the famous “Pan Solo” scene.

The “Star Wars” creation was made for the Benicia town center main street scarecrow contest.

The mother and daughter called the project Han Solo

The mother and daughter called the Han Solo project “Pan Solo.”

“Pan Solo” will be displayed outside their shop until after Halloween.

Bakers previously made “Star Wars” treats in 2020.

This sci-fi labor of love was kneaded for Benicia town center’s main street scarecrow contest and will be hung outside the shop until after Halloween.

This isn’t the first time the women have been recognized for candy crossovers influenced by their love of the movie franchise.

In 2020, they erected a trio of treats – the Bread-dough-lorian, the Baby Dough-da and the Pandroid using bread, mixing bowls and pans.

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