Biography of Stable Ronaldo: age, father, real name, girlfriend

Biography of Stable Ronaldo: age, father, real name, girlfriend

Stable Ronaldo is one of the most popular teenage players in the world who made a name for himself and built a brand through social media.

For those unfamiliar with Stable Ronaldo, he is a popular eSports player, Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and American social media celebrity.

Stable Ronaldo is known for his visual content on Fortnite gameplay videos and clips, which he shares through his Twitch channel and YouTube.

Over the years, Stable Ronaldo has made a name for himself online and now has millions of followers on his social media accounts.

To learn more about Stable Ronaldo, keep reading this article.

Full Name Rani Netz
Also known as The Ronaldo team
Genre Man
Date of Birth January 14, 2004
Age 19 years old
Place of birth united states of america
Current residence New Jersey, United States of America
Nationality American
Parents Lisa Saluck-Netz and Avner Eliyahu Netz
Brother and sister 1
Relationship status Encounter
Girlfriend Angie
Job Twitch Streamer, eSports Gamer, Social Media Influencer
Net value $300,000

Biography of Stable Ronaldo

His real name is Rani Netz and he was born on January 14, 2004 to Lisa Saluck-Netz and Avner Eliyahu Netz in the United States.

The filing revealed that Stable Ronaldo has an older brother, but there are no details on who he is.

Stable Ronaldo is not a Canadian but an American by birth and he celebrated his 19th birthday in January 2022.

Stable Ronaldo’s upbringing

There are no details of Stable Ronaldo’s education status online but he is believed to be educated.

Stable Ronaldo’s career

Stable Ronaldo began his social media career by sharing photos and recordings of Fortnite gameplay content through his online accounts, primarily YouTube and Twitch.

The filing revealed that Stable Ronaldo made his huge breakthrough and amassed a following after being part of the FNCS in August 2019, where he teamed up with Unknown, Kez and Avery; all four of them became champions after reaching the highest point on the scoreboard.

Following his achievement in the FNCS, he joined BuiltByGamers for a few years, where he pursued his gaming profession.

However, in August 2020, Stable Ronaldo joined the popular NRG gamer group, specifically its Fortnite branch.

As of now, Stable Ronaldo is focusing more on creating visual content with a focus on live recordings, analysis, and creating other game content, which has increased his number of followers.

Today, Stable Ronaldo has one million subscribers on YouTube, 2.5 million subscribers on Twitch, 1.1 million followers on Twitter, 1.3 million followers on TikTok and 649,000 followers on Instagram. .

Stable personal life of Ronaldo

Stable Ronaldo is currently in a relationship with Angie and there are no details on how long their relationship will last.

Ronaldo’s stable size

Ronaldo’s stable height is measured at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs around 165 pounds.

Ronaldo’s net worth stable

The Ronaldo stable is said to be worth $300,000.

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