BL Visual Novel ‘Tokyo Onmyoji’ Receives February Release Date

Editor Moonchime Localization has announcement a release date of February 25, 2022, for their first boys love visual novel, Tokyo Onmyoji. The title was originally slated for late 2021 but was briefly delayed due to issues with COVID restrictions.

A free demo is now available on the Moonchime official store, and the full game is available for pre-order (use promo code EARLYONMYOJI for a 15% introductory discount). It will also be available on The JAST USA online store with an introductory discount. The Steam version will be available as soon as possible.

Tokyo Onmyoji is set in an alternate universe Tokyo where demons roam the Earth, and the protagonist, a professional onmyoji, is tasked with exorcising demons. The game is voiced entirely in Japanese and features stunning artwork by Akira Sakamoto, four love interests, and 27 endings. The publisher previously shared that there will be no cut content in the Steam or JAST USA release in the west.

The alternating story/fantasy setting is rich with Japanese cultural and mythological references, which should make it worth exploring for Western audiences. Trying to solve the mystery will lead to 27 (!) different endings, and the sheer amount of bad endings will hopefully satisfy fans of darker BL content.

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