BMW 3 Series Compact with Ford Escort Cosworth DNA is an unexpected Euro CGI


Probably because few BMW aficionados thought about the three-door hatchback derivation of the legendary 3 Series, its compact version lived and died in just a few generations. Compare that with the current legacy of seven people from the mainstream series.

Well, we all know BMW has no problem stirring up controversy here and there from time to time. So while many would agree that its predecessors provided plenty of ideas for visual content, the Bavarian automaker also created a 3 Series Compact from iterations E36 and E46 with its own mind.

Many will also agree that its first iteration lacked depth of personality, and the second was too eccentric for its good. So it was only produced for a little over a decade (1993-2004) and few people outside of BMW aficionado circles will remember the 3 Series Compact. Well, there is a virtual solution for this.

Although, according to Andreas Richter, the pixel master behind the ar.visual_ social media account, there could be a Ford twist. Now don’t be angry with us. Remember that no BMW 3 Series Compact E36 was damaged during the mashup process. Which is also quite cheerful.

But the vibrant background isn’t responsible for our proverbial (and equally virtual) jaws dropping to digital soil. Instead, it’s the cool CGI association between the E36 Compact and a European nature legend Blue Oval. One quick glance at this and no one will be able to forget the idealized E36 sporting the cool DNA of Ford’s Escort Cosworth.

Frankly, it looks quite good, and fans of the artist seem to agree. Plus, there’s a world of naughty details, from the full roll cage seen inside to the way it has handled the dual tailpipes! But, wishful thinking, I would have loved to see a photo of the engine bay, perhaps sporting a highly adjustable Cosworth YBT / YBP 2.0-liter turbo swap?


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