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Today, LA-based experimental prodigies Lily are back with the latest single ahead of their long-awaited debut album, TV or no TV (to be released October 22 via Flush Records).

Their latest offering, “Anvil”, is as heavy as the name suggests, but carries its weight much differently from the album’s previous singles. It moves forward with a slow and reverberating heavy instrumental backdrop, complemented by the moderate, slightly distorted and ultimately mellow vocal hymns of singer Dylan Nash. Instead of grabbing listeners by the neck with chaotic, frenzied instrumentation and banshee cries, he shakes them with static, running drums. It’s a definite change of pace, a break in the middle of a high-energy streak of tracks that adds another spin to the band’s round.

On the single, Liily said, “‘Anvil’ is our attempt at a shoegaze song and ultimately my attempt at a lyrical variation. I really tried to laugh at how loud a song like this could have, illustrating this through hyperbolic statements like “I made my deathbed” or “This might be the last thing I wear” – just to be as outrageous as possible in as few words as possible. was fun for us because we grew up playing with a lot of shoegaze bands but we never had one so it was exciting / difficult to write a song in a genre we could never imagine playing but that we love so much.

As always, Liily aims to immerse her listeners in a lush soundscape on every ride, and this time around, they take a sharp left turn, but don’t stray from the tracks. ‘Anvil’, while showing off an entirely new sound for their Sonic Canon, is immediately appealing, an undeniable puzzle and a perfect example of this band’s inability to stay on a note – they couldn’t if they tried. .

Before the single was released, Flaunt I had the opportunity to chat with Dylan Nash about the track, the process behind it, the accompanying music video, and more.

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