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ATLANTE, February 26, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A Few Lucky Westminster Academy Students on the Underground-Atlanta received practical experience on Caribbean culture and science through the Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation (CACAF). Students participated in the foundation’s Cultural Connect program during a two-week learning module that began on January 8 and concluded the January 20, 2022. The Cultural Connect program offered students from diverse backgrounds and experiences the opportunity to immerse themselves in their global community. CACAF leaders have partnered with the Westside Parent Avengers program, an organization that engages students in the historic Vine City neighborhood to Atlanta—to have fun for free.

The culturally rich program included elements such as Caribbean culinary arts, humanities and marine biology. The students went on an excursion to taste delicious Caribbean meal of Tassa Roasta Mariette-Caribbean American restaurant that served much of the story to connect students with the flavors and spices of Caribbean food. Students then had the opportunity to get an overview of Caribbean fine arts with a special presentation of the interpreter of Mocko Jumbie (dance on stilts), Alison Moolenaar-Foy. The module also opened students’ eyes to the importance of mask wearing and design with special craft instruction from the educator, Sherry Bellille. Bellille is also the founder and executive director of the Westside Parent Avengers.

In addition to arts and culture, the CACAF Cultural Connect program gave students the chance to participate in a virtual marine biology class. Using virtual technology, students were able to learn more about marine life in the Caribbean and how to help care for the oceans that draw millions of visitors to the Caribbean every year. Students were able to ask questions and learn from several professors including Charen Glasgow of Kennesaw State University, Howard Forbes from University of the Virgin Islands Department of Marine Biology and Molly Perry a liberal arts educator also from the University of the Virgin Islands.

President of the Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation and a native of the US Virgin Islands, Michael Thomas believes that this program is one of the foundation’s most powerful programs because it helps bridge the cultural understanding gap. “Immersive cultural experiences have the power to engage students, increase their aptitude for diversity and allow them to improve their social skills. We believe the program will have a greater impact on students’ ability to learn about their global community,” said Thomas. The organization plans to roll out the program to more students in local schools, hoping to replicate the initiative in cities across the country. The Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation’s Cultural Connect program is supported in part by the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta.

CACAF was founded in 2016 by Michael Thomas. Since then, the foundation has established programs that support disaster preparedness and response and educational mentorship programs for youth. In addition, the foundation is engaged in the study, advancement and presentation of Caribbean arts, culture and humanities. To learn more about the work of the Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation’s Cultural Connect program or to donate, visit

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