Casa Dragones infuses Mexican art and craftsmanship into every bottle of tequila


Founded in 2009 by Bertha González Nieves, the philosophy of Casa Dragones centers on preserving the history and beauty of Mexican culture. Named after the Dragones de San Miguel de Allende, an elite royal cavalry that played a pivotal role in the Mexican independence movement, the brand broke new ground in tequila production, using a level of customization and care that raises industry standards. Along with Casa Dragones’ commitment to modern production, the company supports Mexican craftsmanship through its handmade bottles.

Casa Dragones relies on production in small batches (no more than 500 cases per batch) to guarantee exceptional quality. Each bottle is individually crafted, pure crystal, and then hand-engraved, using nugget etching, a Mexican glass engraving technique that requires a grinder to make small decorative shapes.

Photograph courtesy of Casa Dragones.

The tradition begins with the history of glass in the country itself. In 1524 Puebla, Rodrigo de Espinoza opened the first glassworks in Mexico and taught nugget as it has been learned from Spanish artisans. Given the skills required, only a small number of skilled Mexican artisans can do the job today. Along with this handcrafted engraving, each Casa Dragones bottle is numbered and personally signed, another unique touch in the creation of each bottle. The inventive and elegant design of the Casa Dragones bottle has gained international recognition, even earning it the Grand Prix Stratégies du Luxe, a prestigious luxury design award.

Photograph courtesy of Casa Dragones.

Inside every acclaimed bottle, the 100% Blue Agave Joven tequila itself is sustainably produced with an innovative process that results in an exceptionally smooth and complex alcohol. Tequila Casa Dragones Joven is a blend of silver and extra-aged tequila, rested in new American oak barrels for a unique, smooth taste that’s perfect for sipping and pairing with food. Casa Dragones uses steam and water for liquid extraction, a much more sustainable method, and the tequila undergoes a complex elaboration, using an advanced filtration process, which gives a polished and complex result.

Photograph courtesy of Casa Dragones.

Joven 100% Blue Agave Tequila was designed to be sipped on its own or paired with food. The design of the bottle and the Casa Dragones Joven tequila itself serve as a window into the beauty and intricacy of Mexican culture, taking you on an artistic journey from the comfort of your home.

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