Craft for a Cause helps hurricane victims in Puerto Rico

WORCESTER, Mass. – Local vendors are helping raise funds for Puerto Rican residents recovering from Hurricane Fiona.

On Saturday, Church members from the Christian community organized the “Pop-Up para Puerto Rico” event.

Vendors helped raise funds to support projects funded by Amor para Puerto Rico, which will be used to support sustainable reconstruction projects in the hardest hit areas of the island.

The event featured vendors selling products like food, crafts, and a variety of other items.

Some sellers still have family in Puerto Rico and say they are happy to help.

“I have my mom, I have my sister, I have an uncle, and they still don’t have power,” saleswoman Deborah Gonzalez said. “Everyone gets a gift and we should use our donations to help. And I do this as a hobby and it’s fun, but if you can do something fun to help others, that’s the best win-win situation.

“I was already going to launch Craft for a Cause, which I created two years ago. We have decided to move our relaunch to be a pop-up for Puerto Rico,” Worcester City Councilwoman Sarai Rivera said. “Invite other suppliers to come and help you. So I met artisans and all my Puerto Rico art table – 100% of the profits will go.

Rivera said she was planning more Craft for a cause November and December events.

Anyone interested in donating to Puerto Rico can do so on the United Way website under their link for “Amor para Puerto Rico.”

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