Craftsmen and Artisans Flock to Arts & Crafts Show to Sell Christmas Gifts | Latest titles

Bears are created from any garment that has special meaning, Widener said. The craftsman used the clothes of a deceased loved one, a blanket from a deceased dog, a ball gown, a concert t-shirt, and baby clothes to make the personalized, handmade bears. Teddy bears can also be covered in fabric from a favorite sports team or school. They are often used as holiday decorations.

A local favorite at the event is the unique photography of Whitney Copenhagen. Artist Glade Spring has been designing and selling her photographic gift items for over 10 years. Gift items include bookmarks, coasters, Christmas decorations, and note cards.

Mary Cumbo and her sister Connie Duncan, whose craft business is Keywood Branch, will be donating a bit of everything including botanicals, flowers on glass plates, Christmas decorations, fabric pumpkins, flower pots ladybug, dog sling collars and cat toys. filled with catnip.

Candy Whitt will bring painted pumpkins, snowmen, Christmas decorations, hand-stamped bracelets and baskets with painted lids.

Stan and Sharon Williams’ craft table will display his crochet hats and hand warmers, several prints and copies of a children’s book created by the husband and wife team. Stan will bring hand-carved Christmas and Santa ornaments, gnomes and other figures he carved and painted by his wife.

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