Creator Network is looking for pitches from Quebec creators

CBC Quebec is looking for young digital storytellers from diverse backgrounds to produce original video content to broadcast on our network. We want creators to tell stories through their own lens, and CBC will license and pay for the content.

What is the Creators Network?

CBC’s Creator Network works with a selection of emerging video creators to produce content for CBC’s websites, streaming platforms and current affairs shows.

The network works with a selection of emerging video creators to produce content for CBC platforms and programs, including the CBC Montreal website, CBC Arts, CBC Life, CBC YouTube channels, TV programs like Notre Montreal or streaming services like Gem of Radio-Canada.

The goal is to bring the best emerging video talent to CBC and pay them to create captivating visual programming that will appeal to audiences between the ages of 18 and 30.

By working with a Creator Network producer, new creators will also have the opportunity to develop their storytelling and production skills.

Dancer, DJ, choreographer and teacher Maribeth (Kilusan) Tabanera has turned to outdoor dancing in Winnipeg during the pandemic. She was featured in a recent Creator Network video in Manitoba. (Submitted by Maribeth (Kilusan) Tabanera)

What we are looking for

The Creator Network aims to develop new voices, especially from diverse and underrepresented communities. We want to hear from Indigenous people, LGBTQ2+, people with disabilities, racialized people, and anyone with a new and fresh idea.

The ideal length of a commissioned video is between five and ten minutes.

Content creators can be writers, filmmakers, vloggers, photographers, journalists, artists, animators, foodies, or anyone else with a compelling idea and visual blueprint for bright, bold content.

We’re open to a variety of formats and genres, including point-of-view stories, explainers, profiles, video essays, as well as food and lifestyle content.

John Loeppky, a disabled artist and freelance writer in Regina, explains the spoon theory as part of a Creator Network project in Saskatchewan. (Matt Duguid/CBC)

What matters is that it’s a compelling idea driven by strong visual treatments.

Here are some examples of works from the network of creators from other parts of Canada:

The Creator Network is also interested in other visual formats, such as comics and photo essays.

Here is an example of a comic produced by the Creator Network for CBC Nova Scotia:

How do you pitch?

Simply complete our pitch shape. We accept pitches from English-speaking creators based in Quebec.

If you have a question about the submission process or the Quebec Creators Network, you can email Craig Desson, Creators Network Producer at [email protected].

Craig will host a virtual information session on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. This is your chance to ask him any questions you have about the pitch process and working with the Creator Network.

You can register for the information session here.

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