Dancehall Legend Baby Cham advises young performers on how to improve stage craftsmanship, Bounty Killer Cosign

Baby Cham dropped some knowledge for young dancehall artists on how to improve their performing art and got a huge cosign from fellow legend, Bounty Killer.

To really compete in the dancehall space, you need to have the full package, and that includes stage presence. According to Baby Cham, this is not something to be taken lightly. The legendary artist recently took to Instagram to share some tips with new and upcoming dancehall deejays. He shared how diligent he was in preparing for a show.

He made the post alongside a music video of a very energetic performance.

“TO ANY NEW ARTIST. You have to train like an elite level athlete in order to deliver your songs at the highest level. I would run the sands at Bull Bay (9 miles) every morning getting ready for the tours and concerts !! TAKE MY ADVICE… HARD WORK THE KEY TO SUCCESS !! ” He shared.

Among those who showed their support for the message was Bounty Killer, also known for his solid performances on stage. He said: “MAN WICKED”, while dancehall coach Foota Hype added: “They better know that.”

In recent years, new and veteran performers have been criticized by fans for their lack of stage presence during their performances. One artist who has recently drawn the ire of fans is Alkaline. Earlier this year, in July, after his performance at BRT Weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Bounty Killer apparently cast a shadow over the artist.

After the performance, Bounty Killer took to Instagram to praise Dexta Daps’ performance, stating: “Took it all the way, man used a tek night all weekend, nobody ‘other only showed a real super star with practical and tactical skills on stage,’ which many fans felt was in reference to Alkaline’s lackluster performance.

A fan who commented on Cham’s post urged the veteran DJ to share more posts to help new artists understand what it takes to become a top DJ in dancehall.

This fan said: “Bredda .. it would be great to drop more posts like this. Newcomers need to know more about the vet’s prep or creative process. I don’t think we’ve had enough of this. what’s going on in Dancehall / Reggae… just like how Kobe chronicled his “Mamba mentality” or even a Lebron… his ethical worth and preparation is supernatural.

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