Daniel Canogar presents an inspiring side of Spain at Expo 2020, Dubai


Studio Daniel Canogar presented Dynamo 2021, an ambitious, in-situ audiovisual project in collaboration with music composer Francisco Lopez for the Spanish Pavilion at Expo Dubai, 2020. The suspended intertwining loops of the artwork, located in the pavilion atrium, are located in the middle of a spiral alley that generates audiovisual content through its interaction with visitors.

Technology shaped the facility, which lasted for 3 years, and comprised of components that were once industrial waste. As the rail detects more contact, the dynamo becomes colored; the sound becomes more intense. Activation is in the hands of the visitors.

Canogar says 3 words describe Dynamo: “Energy: Bodies connect to technological and biological energy that senses the movement of the audience around the dynamo. Roar: The artwork has a presence where one can feel the roar of technologies and defines the automation of the past, present and future with an overwhelming feeling. It also evokes. Sensuality: The sculptural form with an intricate blend of sound and architecture as well as the reaction of people’s encounter with art creates sensuality. “

The artwork stimulates the human senses, a theme common to many Canogar projects. “The entire space becomes a sculpture because of human movement that evokes sensual stimulation, to captivate the viewer’s gauge and attention, striking people with hard-hitting and hypnotic cognitive conceptual thought, not just a feast for the eyes. He answers questions on current affairs, which gives a helping hand to activate the work of art, ”explains Canogar.

Memory, and its loss, is also a central theme in Canogar’s work; he talks about how our lives are bombarded with information that does not allow us to “pay attention and watch”. With art, he wants to force us to be attentive and present to what we are looking at.

Another goal was to represent Spain without the clichés of flamenco, bullfighting and tapas. Dynamo is an amalgamation of technology, art and culture from Spain reflecting their contribution to the railways, mines and metro of the United Arab Emirates.

The artist adds: “Universal exhibitions are places of mass exhibition and mass culture. All kinds of people go there. It is a huge event with facets and distractions. My challenge was to create an engaging piece of art for the general public, but an interesting piece of art in itself.


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