Daniel Jean’s brand of visual comedy changed his life

Being locked down for the pandemic separated us, but brought us closer in some ways. We surely ingested more visual content across all platforms and learned to lighten up where we could. It paved the way for viral comedians like those in NYC Daniel John to help us lighten and strengthen their brands as well.

Daniel Jean’s videos seem to catch people in their natural element around Manhattan and the tri-state areas, but are well composed to make the viewer laugh, think, and be more socially aware in a very chilled way. His topics range from role reversals to relationships, the pandemic and celebrating black culture as seen in this Instagram post.

His first forays into creating social content stem from his time as a celebrity driver which gave him plenty of content to start with. This content has branched out into something that is needed in today’s climate; a black man who builds a successful platform when the odds are stacked against nearly everyone.

Daniel Jean took his debut and turned it into music and cinematic adventures with the best to come. Hear him as he sits down with our very own Jonathan P-Wright, The Millennial General, who has a word with the artist about the past, present and future. See more Daniel Jean on Youtube as well as.

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