Deschutes Brewery Launches Traditional Festive Winter Beer

Community artists participate in the artist selection process

Fold, OR – The Deschutes Brewery, owned by family and employees since 1988, announced Jubelale’s 34th release in its seasonal lineup. This year marks the first time that Jubelale is also available in boxes of twelve packs. Jubelale is the first beer ever to be packaged at Deschutes, bottled straight from the original brewery’s taps for the holidays in 1988. Jubelale features notes of spice and a robust malty character of caramel and cocoa powder at 6, 7% ABV and this year’s packaging features original artwork by Stephanie Littlebird Fogel.

Every year since the early 1990s, Deschutes has worked with the Oregon arts community by commissioning a local artist to create an original piece for this festive winter. Since then, Jubelale has been coined as a ‘festive winter beer’ and craft beer enthusiasts anticipate its release every year to welcome the new season with a new packaging design.

This year, Deschutes implemented a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DCI) audit that identified an opportunity to become more inclusive in finding the brewery of the next artist Jubelale. The audit broadened the artist selection process by asking which artists had been invited in the past and whether the method could be improved in the future.

Deschutes founder Gary Fish has always been close to the artist selection process. “This is an art project, not a graphic art project. Gary said. “The process is a way to showcase our local Oregon artists and our artists are clamoring for this opportunity, but upon selection we never knew who the artists were, we only looked at their portfolio and picked from their work. . “

Seeking help in the community, Deschutes reached out to friends at Caldera Arts. Caldera partners with artists to drive cultural and social change and they have been generous in providing advice on the artist selection process. This year the selection process has been extended to include community members and artist-teachers from Caldera Mindy Stutzman and Mosley Wotta. The artist-brewing panel selected Stephanie Littlebird Fogel to design a piece for this year’s packaging.

Fogel is a contemporary Indigenous artist and member of the Confederate Grand Ronde Tribes of Oregon. Well known and active in the Northwestern art community, Fogel received her painting and printmaking degree from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, recently completing her residency program at Caldera.

“When I was working downtown in the Pearl District, I used to visit the Deschutes Brewery pub for lunch, so the brand really reminds me of laughter with friends and coworkers,” Fogel said of of the project. “Working in collaboration with Brasserie Deschutes has been an incredible opportunity to translate my colorful style into a label design that reflects the magic and wonder of the winter season. We chose the moon as the “subject” for the design and I wanted to represent that reflective, sparkling energy that can only be felt on a snowy evening. “

Fogel creates art to inspire people to connect with nature and through his vibrant winter scene on this year’s Jubelale design, has used his distinctive use of striking colors and patterns for eye-catching packaging on the shelf. using acrylic paints on a wood panel.

“We were very excited about this approach in our Artist Selection and were hoping for something new and different this year,” said Veronica Vega, Director of Product Development and Artist Selection at Deschutes. “Steph’s winter landscape painting invites you to remember the full moon moments in the snow when the magic drifts between the trees and sparkles. You can almost hear the beautiful calm of the winter forest.

As the Bend legend says, the wintry scene on the packaging reflects the magnitude of central Oregon’s winter. With the design of Fogel, it promises to be a beautiful winter.

Jubelale hits all markets later this month, in time for sunny days and winter matches. This year, Jubelale is presented for the first time in boxes of 12 packs, a perfect accompaniment to any winter adventure.

Stephanie Fogel’s work can be found on her website at or on Instagram handle @artnerdforever.

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About the Deschutes brewery

Deschutes Brewery, an independent craft brewery in Bend, Oregon, owned by a family and employee since 1988, is one of the quintessential beers of the Pacific Northwest. Founded on the guiding principles of true craftsmanship and ultimate quality, Deschutes is known as a leader in hops, dark beer, innovative India Pale Ales, and experimental and aged beers. barrels in small batches. Brasserie Deschutes is built for the community, committed to sustainable business practices and supporting charities across our distribution footprint. Visit the Deschutes Brewery beer finder to find a Deschutes beer near you in 36 states across the country.

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