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Sergei Karchkov is the founder of 9 Pandas, an advertising agency that is at the forefront of technological innovation in marketing. With visual search increasingly becoming an advertising industry standard, this article explores the explosion in popularity and reach of this revolutionary technology.

Visual search elevates user experiences, taking them to a whole new level. The most immediately recognizable example is Google’s image search, which allows users to search by uploading an image, leading to more specific results.

Hot on the heels of Google, Pinterest launched Lens, allowing users to search by image and identify online retailers selling a particular product they want to buy. Users can also use Pinterest Lens to search for related products or view pinboards with similar items. Effectively turning mobile cameras into a search bar, Pinterest Lens recognizes somewhere in the region of 2.5 billion fashion and home items today, inspiring over 600 million searches through mobile apps and extensions. from Pinterest browser.

Pinterest has made a series of changes to its programming to improve functionality. The platform recently launched a QR code-like technology called Pincodes to help users find inspiration while shopping online or browsing their favorite magazines. Pinterest also introduced Lens Your Look, a feature that can help users plan their outfits.

Other examples of visual search include CamFind and Bing Visual Search.

Visual search is already having a revolutionary impact on advertising. Google has increased its Google Lens capabilities in recent years, enabling the platform to perform a variety of impressive actions, seamlessly integrating this innovative technology into everyday life. For example, someone visiting a new city for the first time can simply scan a photo of a particular restaurant into Google Lens to receive reviews, ratings, and a restaurant menu in seconds rather than having to search. textual.

According to a recent study, the average person remembers around 65% of the visual content they see up to three days later. This suggests that visual search has huge potential for advertisers. Given that each individual is exposed to approximately 5,000 advertisements every day, this level of image memory reveals staggering potential for marketers everywhere.

In social media marketing, visualization is crucial. However, it is equally important for every touchpoint in the customer journey. This is especially true in the area of ​​product discovery, where customers are increasingly impatient with browsing irrelevant searches.

Visual search has enormous potential in e-commerce marketing, transforming the way consumers buy visual products while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

Experts predict that visual search will have a profound effect on digital marketing, including:

  • Driving digital transformation
  • Support Social Influencer Optimization
  • Triggering an increase in purchasable content
  • Revolutionizing SEO

Just ten years ago, digital advertising revolutionized the world of marketing, with companies moving their physical advertising campaigns online. Experts predict that history is about to repeat itself as more and more marketers come to recognize the power of visual search as a market-leading tool.

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