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Achieve Coherence Coast-to-Coast with Caldera

Have you been to the Super Bowl in recent years? Have you watched the Grammys or the Academy Awards on TV? Chances are you’ve seen graphics created by CGS – Creative Graphic Services. Providing a range of graphics services to highly visible entertainment events across the United States, CGS places particular emphasis on quality and consistency for the most demanding customers. We spoke to Jersey City General Manager Kyle Niner about how CGS is reaching the right place for the live events industry.

Bring family values ​​to large companies

You won’t find any bigger names than the Super Bowl, the Grammys, or the Academy Awards, but CGS started as a small family business 45 years ago and has kept those family values ​​ever since. Everything they do is backed by a commitment to the corporate mantra: If we do things the right way, we will get the right results. This encompasses not only the investment in the technology that allows them to create exceptional graphics, but also the way in which they build relationships with their customers on the basis of exceptional customer service.

The company has grown from its original 1,200 square foot store to over 27,000 feet of state-of-the-art printing plants located in Los Angeles and Jersey City. General Manager Kyle Niner explains what the company offers: “We provide event entertainment graphics for the experiential and live events industry. see at a big live event. ”

An example of the type of events CGS facilitates is the Super Bowl, which they have been providing graphics to for over 30 years. “We do most of the graphics for the Super Bowl experience,” Kyle says. “This is an NFL theme park for fans, incorporating autograph signing, games and meet-up events that take place for a few weeks before the Super Bowl in the host city. a range of graphics for other NFL Activations this weekend. ”

Equipped for everything

CGS has built up an impressive fleet of printers and finishing equipment to ensure the company can deliver whatever its customers may need. They can print on a wide range of materials, up to 10 feet wide for thermal sublimation and 16 feet wide on Large Format – and they can do larger custom jobs if needed.

One of the areas of recent growth for the company is textile printing, particularly in Jersey City and the North East. “We’re doing more silicone graphics, wall coverings, pre-made sets for red carpets and photo ops,” Kyle says. “We can also provide pop-up banners, trade show graphics, cushions and flags.”

Consistency is the key

Covering so many applications on such a wide variety of media requires a considerable inventory. One of the company’s primary concerns is to maintain consistency in quality and color across so many devices in two locations – that’s where Caldera comes in.

“We have been using Caldera RIP software for about 10 to 15 years and are very happy with it. We appreciate the personalization it offers. Our print operators are constantly changing their individual color management preferences, and Caldera is responding. This allows us to achieve overall consistency in color management across both locations, which is very important to us. The other advantages include ease of use – it has a really user-friendly interface. Caldera allows us to maintain our offerings at a consistent high quality, ”Kyle tells us.

Watch this place!

As the pandemic loosens its grip on the live events industry, the CSG expects a busy 2022. “We’ve just wrapped up a lot of music festivals, including the Made in America graphics in Philadelphia,” Kyle said. “We’re just starting to get into Super Bowl work, and Broadway is coming back to New York City, which is exciting – we’re starting to do theater facade posters for windows, doors, and marquees. Experiential events are coming back. and finally – we create contextual activations that allow guests to come in and experience the products in a hands-on way. ”

So take a look around the next time you catch a live event somewhere or go to the theater in New York – you can bet CGS will have done some or all of the graphics.

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