Dreams is on sale now, and you need to play it, even if you don’t care about making stuff

Do yourself a favor: Go to PlayStation Store law now and spend $ 10 on Dreams. That’s a ridiculously low price for one of the best games on PlayStation, but the sale ends October 13. Playable on PS4 and PS5, Dreams has two distinct sides. The former is an incredibly deep and easy-to-learn authoring tool that you can use to create your own games. People have used this thing to make RPGs, beat-’em-ups, open world games, driving sims, puzzles, platform games and just about every genre imaginable, not to mention short ones. feature footage, video clips and digital art. It’s impressive how powerful the tool is and the many wild and wonderful things that the game’s army of dedicated gamers have done with it.

But if you don’t care about making your own games, that’s cool. Dreams is worth buying just to play other people’s games. It’s been out for over a year now, and its library of user-created content is absolutely vast. Throw a random keyword into the search bar (weird, scary, challenging, funny, sad, whatever) and you’ll find a selection of smart, imaginative, well-made games to play or thumbnails to watch. One minute you’re playing a game where a frustrated artist runs around an art gallery smashing exhibits with a baseball bat while dodging security guards; the next, you rotate the camera around an incredibly detailed and realistic setting full english breakfast that someone, sort of, produced entirely on a PlayStation.

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I spent the morning with Dreams, and during that time I played an incredibly atmospheric first-person horror game inspired by aliens, watched an army of giant ants destroy a city, I panicked in a surreal museum full of weird statues, I explored a landscape where I could change the seasons at will, jump back in time and see the city of Seattle through millions of years of history, roam the Black Lodge of Twin Peaks, step into a Japanese ink wash, and, well, you get the idea. It is only a tiny, tiny fraction of the sheer volume of thing packed in Dreams, which makes that $ 10 even more absurd. There are bad creations, but a well-organized front-end makes them easy to avoid.

Dreams PS5 game maker

It’s also extremely easy to find and switch between games thanks to a smooth, airy interface and super-fast load times, at least on PS5. I cannot guarantee the PS4 version. You can get in and out of creations effortlessly, leaving a blue thumb if you liked it, which makes exploring the archives a real pleasure. Every time I run Dreams I have no idea what to expect and it’s incredibly exciting. There is such a wealth of experiences to discover, from fully blown games and disposable toys, to surreal artwork and audiovisual experiences. The level of quality is also often surprising. There are some lovely, rambling designs out there, and I love them, but also some that feel like they were made by professional developers.

Dreams are a remarkable thing. It’s a joyous celebration of imagination and creativity, and one of the best indie game collections around. The creation aspect can be off-putting to anyone who doesn’t have the time to engage in something like this, but trust me, you don’t have to lift a finger. Immerse yourself in this mountain of community creations and you will waste hours without realizing it. You don’t even have to search so hard for good things: the menus are chock-full of choices from the community, games curated by developer Media Molecule, and game jam entries to make sure you see the best of what. Dreams has to offer. If you have $ 10 to spend, you will definitely get your money’s worth, and more.

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