Elorza Administration awards $85,000 contract to Boston firm to help Providence businesses

Friday, July 22, 2022

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Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza PHOTO: GoLocal

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza announced Thursday that his administration has launched a program to help businesses in Providence. His administration hired a Boston consulting firm — Roads Consulting Group — to conduct the program.

The company was the highest bidder – twice as expensive as the other two bidders.

According to city documents, Rhode Island Black Business Association (RIBBA), which is located in Providence, offered $42,500.00, and Revby LLC of Boston offered $42,500.00.


Roads Consulting Group of East Boston offers $85,000.00.

The company describes itself as having been founded “after recognizing the needs of businesses to grow strategically while being profitable, productive and technologically advanced. We work closely with business owners and entrepreneurs to meet their business needs. complexity and improve their business objectives”.

Program objective

According to the Elorza administration, the new “program is a new technical assistance program designed to help Providence-based small businesses, especially micro businesses with fewer than ten employees, expand their business knowledge and grow their existing business. Businesses can receive assistance with loan applications, accounting and finance, graphic design, social media, marketing and human resource support, and other areas of business development.

“When it comes to investing in our small business community, we know that our best investments should be designed around the unique needs of each business owner in our city. That’s why we’re excited to launch a program that provides technical assistance to our smallest businesses in town and can be shaped with every small business owner,” Elorza said. “I encourage our community of small business owners to take advantage of this new program and invest in new ways to improve their business.

The Elorza office said in a press release, “Through a competitive request for proposals process, Roads Consulting Group has been chosen to partner with the city to work directly with eligible businesses to assess their needs. and to provide dedicated coaching and guidance based on each individual’s unique needs.This program is open to all small businesses and micro businesses in Providence, but priority will be given to micro businesses looking to start or grow a small business or franchise in Providence.

But when asked why his administration was using a Boston-based company to work with local businesses and wouldn’t it be more beneficial to keep the money in the local economy, the Elorza administration declined to answer.

This program is supported by federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding from the City of Providence.

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