Epilogue: A return to Seattle

More than two years since producer Mike Cosper began recording interviews for the series, The rise and fall of Mars Hill returns with its most poignant episode yet – a road trip to Seattle to stand in the spaces where Mars Hill Church began.

This epilogue to the critically acclaimed podcast sends Cosper and executive producer Erik Petrik on a journey down memory lane, visiting the buildings and church members who formed the vibrant community that would one day collapse.

From Seattle living rooms crammed with chairs to an empty sanctuary slated for demolition, uncover anew the mystery of God working in broken places. And, as you see how “time humbles and reveals all,” let Mars Hill’s story compel you to truth and not trends, to grace and not greatness. Come meet the people and places that have remained, indelibly marked by love for the Gospel and for Seattle. Meet those who never left.

At the end of this series, special thanks to: Joy Beth Smith, Andrea Palpant Dilley, Morgan Lee, Russell Moore, Ted Olsen, Daniel Silliman and Kate Shellnutt. Thanks, especially to Tim Dalrymple and Erik Petrik, Kate Siefker, and Sarah and the Cosper girls. Thanks to the members of Mars Hill Church, especially Wendy Alsup, Jesse Bryan, Sutton Turner, Tim Smith, Aaron Gray, Jen Smidt and Ben Vandermeer.

“The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” is a Christianity Today production

Executive producer: Erik Petrik

Producer, writer, editor, host and mixing engineer: Mike Cosper

Associate Producers: Azurae Phelps and Joy Beth Smith

Director of Operations: Matt Stevens

Music and sound design: Kate Siefker

Graphic design: Bryan Todd

Social media: Kate Lucky

Editorial Consultant: Andrea Palpant Dilley

Editor-in-Chief: Russell Moore

Closing Song: “Satisfied in You” by Brian Eichelberger

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