Exclusive Walter Simonson Art preview of the next Artist’s Edition of THE WINTER MEN by John Paul Leon

Tommy Lee Edwards, Bernard Chang and Sean Philips, among others, contribute to the collection, with all proceeds going to the family of the late artist.

Comic book artist Walter Simonson will be one of many contributors to the late John Paul Leon artist’s edition Winter men, giving us exclusive insight into his work for the project.

Winter men was described by Modern Fanatic as “a passion project” for Leon, who served as an illustrator on the series. The artist died on May 1, 2021 after a 14-year battle with cancer. After his loss, Simonson and several other artists, considered Leon’s closest friends, came together to create THE WINTER MEN Artist’s Edition by John Paul Leon, available exclusively through ZOOP.

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The cover of the artist's edition of THE WINTER MEN by John Paul Leon.

Walter Simonson's art for the artist's edition of THE WINTER MEN by John Paul Leon.

The 6-issue series was originally published by WildStorm, the DC Comics brand which ran from 1992 to 2010 and spawned many well-known stories and characters, such as the initial launch of the newly adapted game. . The boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, and character designs like “Grifter”. Winter men was co-created by Leon and writer Brett Lewis, focusing on the now collapsed Soviet Union and following the subjects of a superhero experiment who yearn to rebuild their lives, despite a deadly threat stalking them.

Artist’s Edition will include works by Simonson (exclusive art shown above), Tommy Lee Edwards, Bernard Chang, Bill Sienkiewicz, Lee Weeks, Duncan Fegredo, Sean Phillips, Denys Cowan, Kim Jung Gi and Joe Quesada, each contributing to whole new art prints. for the project, which will include 184 pages of full-size (12 “x 17”) scans of all of the original comic book pages in the series (used with permission from IDW Publishing), with additional bonuses like unreleased concepts, sketch and unused art. All profits from the purchase of the book will be donated to Leon’s family. Those involved, like Simonson, had a lot of praise for the late artist.

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“John Paul Leon was an alumnus of my SVA in New York City,” Simonson said. “He was brilliant, and he only got better. I am honored to make a drawing based on his work on Winter men. Not only did I draw the Rocketmen, but I did it for the first time using Pigma markers, inspired by Jean-Paul.

Zoop, responsible for the exclusive release of the edition, is a full-service crowdfunding platform founded by Jordan Plosky (founder of ComicBlitz) and Eric Moss (BRZRKR project manager, former head of business development at IDW Publishing) and created for the fandom community. Zoop CEO Jordan Plosky spoke about Simonson’s work on the project and the importance of his involvement. “Not only is Walter a renowned comic book creator, he was also John Paul’s teacher and mentor. It’s a special relationship, and the fact that Walter draws John Paul’s creation is a sadly beautiful full circle and a wonderful tribute. “

The crowdfunding campaign hit its goal of $ 35,000 on Zoop, the artist’s edition now available for pre-order, with various contributor prizes and fine art prints available. The campaign will end funding next month.

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Source: Modern Fanatic

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