Former FaZe Clan Creator Ewok Signs With New Organization And Returns To Content Creation After Long Break

Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler has joined XSET as its newest content creator, the organization announced today. The deaf streamer used to create content for FaZe Clan before leaving the organization in 2021.

Ewok will continue to create content under the XSET banner, playing all the games its fanbase loves, including Fortnite and Apex Legends. He also looks forward to engaging with his fans on Twitch and sharing his passion for fitness, while being a positive change agent for the brand.

“I’m back stronger than ever. I’m excited to start creating more content and continue to connect with great people,” Ewok said in a press release. “I am grateful to an organization like XSET that actively supports diversity and inclusion. I look forward to representing XSET and being an agent of positive change.

Just a few days ago, Ewok tweeted that he had signed a contract and an announcement was coming this week. A few days later, XSET announced that it was signing a new member to the organization. Fans began to speculate who it would be, with some guessing it was a shroud, which recently had a short stint on the Sentinels VALORANTS crew.

Ewok shot to fame in 2019 when TimTheTatman hosted him, which catapulted attention to his feed and social media. In the months that followed, Ewok signed with FaZe to become the organization’s first female streamer. Ewok came out on National Coming Out Day in 2020 as transgender and bisexual.

“Having got to know Ewok when I was at FaZe and watching his incredible journey to superstar streamer, positive example for the trans community and continued representation of the deaf community, it’s amazing to welcome him to his new XSET family,” said Greg Selkoe, co-founder and CEO of XSET. “Ewok is an amazing talent and we can’t wait to do some killer stuff together at XSET.”

Ewok will now stream under the XSET banner on Twitch and wherever it creates content. Fans can expect more of her artistry, love for fitness, and passion for positive change during her social media streams and content.

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