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LVMH-owned skincare brand Fresh launched an audiovisual experience called “A Fresh Take” on Wednesday. The objective: to strengthen the affinity with the brand and the emotional bond between its customers.

A Fresh Take, hosted on a dedicated micro-site, features audio content edited by guests from the beauty industry. Audio episodes of less than 15 minutes are accompanied by a caption on the 30 commitments announced by the brand over the last 12 months via social networks. The engagements focus on topics such as promoting diversity and bodily inclusiveness, reducing the carbon footprint within Fresh offices and through packaging changes, and improving the culture of business. Tennille Kopiasz, Fresh CMO, said Fresh’s commitments are built on three pillars: people, planet and product. A 30-second intro to A Fresh Take encourages visitors to apply a Fresh face mask, as they pick and choose to listen to audio clips that are “in sync with your favorite mask”.

“This is post-pandemic marketing,” Kopiasz said. “Digital is where consumers are and where they buy – more than half of our business is done digitally. But it also has to do with the transparency that people want and want to associate with. By having this audiovisual [experience], it really helps build that level of trust.

Kopiasz said Covid-19 has changed both customer and society values, and that A Fresh Take aims to provide digital respite from the overwhelming world. She added that Fresh saw an increase in sales of its non-skin care products in 2020, including in its home, fragrance and body categories. She refused to break specific sales increases.

To build the experiential part of its audiovisual project, Fresh called on friends of the brand, employees of the brand and directors of LVMH. For example, there’s Mira Mariah, tattoo artist and influencer (@GirlKnewYork, 225,000 Instagram followers) who shares her take on diversity in the beauty industry. She is presented alongside Lara Koritzke, Director of the Union for Ethical BioTrade, who explains how responsible sourcing of ingredients is helping the planet.

“It’s a time to hide in full consciousness, to escape our busy lives. The idea for us is to bring a consumer closer to us in an authentic way, ”said Kopiasz. “[A Fresh Take] gives us [the ability] to share all the work we were doing on the three pillars and to accompany consumers throughout this journey to involve them in our future commitments.

Kopiasz said engagement with the microsite and brand affinity are the primary KPIs, but broad reach is not the primary focus. Fresh directs people to the microsite through its own unpaid social media posts using audio and video clips. It is also promoting it on the Fresh e-commerce website, as well as through a paid Instagram ad campaign that runs from September 23 to October 31.

“As we celebrate how far we’ve come in 30 years, the key step is to focus on what Fresh needs to be tomorrow,” said Alina Roytberg, co-founder of Fresh. “Through the 30 commitments, Fresh is committed to leading the essential evolution of our brand. “

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