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A Gallery debuts under new owner Kaelin Daye

Published at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 24, 2022


NATCHEZ – At the end of June, Kaelin Daye was pushing her stroller down Main Street when she passed A Gallerie with her partner, Sean Russell. She said she promised that if the then owners sold it, she would be the buyer.

And she was, on August 4, when she sealed the deal with former owners Ashley Smith and Amber Rayborn.

“I found out it was for sale by word of mouth and by accident,” she said, “but I fell in love.”

Daye worked as a sales associate at rrus and Conpany in Vidalia for almost four years until 2017. This was the start of her journey in retail.

From that post, Daye said she knew she wanted to own a store. It was just a matter of where and when.

When she made the promise to herself while walking in the stroller, she had no idea it would come true so soon.

It wasn’t easy though. Daye said Russell helped her through phases of complaining, delirium, thinking about abandonment and pure excitement.

But at 28, she is now one of the youngest business owners in downtown Natchez.

Since opening in early August, it has strived to offer a wider range of size and price options for the home decor, apparel, jewelry and gifts it sells.

“There is a wide range of people who live and shop in Natchez. I want to answer all of them,” Daye said.

Daye said she also asks everyone she meets what they want to see in the store.

“And we always wanted to have more options for men,” said Russell, who stood behind the ledger. He had brought lunch to Daye before returning to work at McDonald’s Collision.

In the first three days it was open, about 70 people passed through, Daye said. She had a sale to clear before heading to the Dallas market to select new inventory.

Boho chic and modern western are the hallmark styles, she said

As a graphic designer, Daye has also designed Natchez-specific designs on t-shirts she sells.

In home decor sales, Daye hopes to incorporate more local art and designs. Her grandmother, Penny Daye, was a legendary local artist, Daye said. She plans to add her prints of the tropics and beaches to her shelves.

Since opening the store and working for herself, Daye said she’s been able to refocus on her other passions, such as running the Faith in Wyatt Foundation.

In honor of her first son, Wyatt, whom she lost, Daye said, “The foundation helps families who give birth to children who cannot live on their own.”

When she was in the hospital with her first son, she remembers being grateful to the foundations that gave her care packages.

Today, her love for fashion and community keeps her moving forward in honor of her son.

“I sincerely believe that when God opens a door, nothing in the world can stop you from walking through it,” Daye said.

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