Glens Falls Arts Trail enters its next phase | Local

Stops along the trail include Wood and Park Theaters, LARAC, and The Shirt Factory, among other destinations.

Progress on the trail was apparently at a standstill as the Arts District waited for funding to move the project forward, which also includes a series of banners, sidewalk stamps, bike racks and various light fixtures. and public art murals.

The trail received $ 125,000 in DRI funding.

Banners describing the trail were hung last year and the sidewalk buffers and bike racks are ready to be installed, Austin-Avon said.

She added that public art installations will likely advance next year.

“We have other plans underway that we are probably looking at next year,” Austin-Avon said. “It will be more public art. It could be wall paintings or sculptures.

She added that the number of exhibits will depend on the amount of money the organization is able to raise through fundraising.

The city’s DRI progress has intensified in recent months, especially along the South Street corridor, where city officials worked on the design of the Market Square project, the centerpiece of the city’s revitalization efforts.

A streetscape project along Elm Street is also being designed, and a series of deferred loans have been given to various entrepreneurs to start or develop current businesses in the city center.

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