Graphic designer considers PS5 remasters of fan-favorite old Spider-Man games


Insomniac Games paves the way for modernity Spider Man Games. Now Insomniac is also expanding further with the latest announcement of a standalone Wolverine game that will probably take place in the same universe. Spider Man Over the past two decades, games have offered emerging game concepts, although some games have been more successful or preferred than others.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (2010) and Spider-Man: At The Edge Of Time (2011) are two examples that decided to focus on multiple playable Spider-Man characters, distinguished from each other by different costumes or with different abilities. A fan and graphic designer shared his interest in these two Spider Man games receiving a remaster from none other than Insomniac.

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Rock Rider, graphic designer for The Escapist, recreated the box art of each game, replacing the art of the original Spider-Man character with models of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Shattered DimensionsThe art of the box features Miguel O’Hara’s Spider-Man 2099 on the front, followed by Peter Parker’s Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, and finally Peter Parker from the Ultimate Spider-sequel. Man, who wields the alien symbiote throughout the game. Rather, Spider-Man: At The Edge Of Time Simply features Spider-Man in the original classic Marvel Spider-Man costume.

Rock Rider’s design of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions‘The art of the box had to be changed, however, as a symbiote costume cosmetic does not yet exist in Marvel’s Spider-Mancostume catalog. Instead, Rock Rider used the black and green stealth costume, or “Big Time” costume. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions has players who jump from one dimension to another and play as different Spider-Men to collect fragments of Artifact Slabs.


Spider-Man: At The Edge Of Time features a two-way Time Gateway portal where at either end a Spider-Man must work with the other to thwart Alchemax Scientist Walker Sloan. Each title deals with dimensional rifts and, as Rock Rider states, would be exciting additions to Insomniac’s Spider Man franchise.


If Insomniac were to remaster either Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Where Spider-Man: At The Edge Of Time, they already have a phenomenal plan for such gameplay and level design with Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Ratchet and Rivet traverse pocket dimensions and instantly travel distances with the PS5’s remarkable load times. That is Spider Man the concept proposed by the game could certainly take advantage of this technology for faster exchanges between characters or environments.

Spider-Man: At The Edge Of Time is much more story-driven and only focuses on Peter’s Amazing Spider-Man and Miguel’s Spider-Man 2099, but they are again isolated in separate dimensional rifts for the majority of the game. Interestingly, the actions in each dimension alter the fabric of reality for the other dimension, which is frequently observed through scripted gameplay. Those moment-to-moment details, such as Atrocity’s massive tentacles obstructing paths through the rifts, would translate well into a PS5 remaster of Insomniac as well.

That said, it is likely that Insomniac plans to continue working only on original games and Marvel’s Spider-Man sequels, although that’s ultimately what fans want too.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is currently slated for release in 2023 on PS5.

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