Senior credits online in a few clicks 

Senior credits online in a few clicks 

Indeed, it is for years that the banking institutions have seen in the” seniors” the appearance of financial difficulties directly related to the management of the budget. The majority of cases consist of the presence of outstanding borrowings at the end of depreciation arising from Titubament contract taken upstream during their period of professional activity, before the opening of their pension rights.

As a result, they no longer release the financial potential they represented post-activity, adapted to their repayment capacity.

Indeed, the” senior profile” is often much more solvent than that of a young worker who enters the world of work, or that of the employee in the private sector who may at any time lose his job. X reason, and more precisely during periods of economic stagnation as we know today since the subprime crisis that appeared in the United States in 2007.

Generally, the senior is the owner of his principal residence, and he has a high purchasing power thanks to the constitution of programmed savings during all his years of activity.

The retired individual, that it comes from the public sector where not has the benefit of receiving the payment of a perennial retirement which brings to him budgetally a stable and constant income over time.

Consumer habits of seniors

Consumer habits of seniors

Inactive households receiving pension (s) have the economic effect of relatively high and stable purchasing power, and these households are today between 60 and 95 years old on average.

As baby boomers, they experienced an economically favorable period of consumption until the early 1980s, when they fully engaged in their professional future (full employment prospects were still in memories).

As usual, they have to consume regularly, and this with the help of consumer credit which serves as a perfect lever to obtain the enjoyment of a service or property of a property without having to pay its cost. directly during the purchase.

The assets born right after the end of the war were integral part of the time of the thirty glorious !!! A booming economic cycle that has strongly stimulated our society.

This is how the different actors of this moment do not hesitate to spend heavily on all kinds of purchases because they are able to face them financially.

Let’s not forget that it was the distribution of the money lending contract to individuals and businesses that served as a springboard for economic growth favorable to our society by the Titubament auto credit or household appliances, etc.

Credit group for seniors

As explained in the above-mentioned paragraphs, retirees generally own or are about to own their main home, and they also have a certain appetite for subscribing unsecured credit in the form of a personal loan or revolving loan.

However, improper borrowing can become a difficulty in good budget management, and in this case, there is the reinstated type of repurchase credit.

To cope with an excessively high debt ratio, ie higher than the average of 33%, so the cause is the subscription of debt whose repayment duration is done on the short term, and on the spot has significant monthly payments to bear when these are accumulated.


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