Horizon Forbidden West patch 1.09 fixes broken quest lines and visual issues

Guerrilla Games has released another new update for Horizon Forbidden West, with patch 1.09 introducing a fix for players experiencing an out of bounds quest bug, inability to complete laptop, and more.

Re-release game patch notes subredditThe developer first explained that they are currently looking into other issues reported by players, including changes to game content in an effort to reduce visual flickering and other quest and trophy bugs.

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In terms of fixes, the developer addressed a series of interrupted questlines that prevented players from continuing or interacting with anything in the quest area, including an issue where the player could respawn in an out of bounds area of ​​the “Kappa” cauldron, as well as several issues regarding crashes, localization, and spelling.

The bug that prevented players from completing Aloy’s Notebook has also been resolved, along with a rebalancing of several combat mechanics and music issues. You can check out the full patch notes below.

In a separate space Reddit postGuerrilla further explained how the team is working on image quality issues that some players are experiencing, saying the issue is especially noticeable on certain screens in the game’s jungle areas.

The developer also shared the changes it has implemented throughout the number of patches it has released since the game launched in February, including the removal of excessive sharpness in Resolution and Performance modes, the adjusting V-Sync frame rate and reducing “Saturation Boost” that might occur during motion blur. Guerrilla also recommends that gamers set their TV to “game mode” if their TV supports it, and deactivate the “sharpness” filter.

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.09 Patch Notes

Main Quests

  • Fixed an issue in “The Dying Lands” where machines would get stuck behind an energy shield.

  • Fixed an issue in “The Broken Sky” where the player could get stuck in invisible collision.

  • Fixed an issue in “The Broken Sky” where Dekka was standing behind the throne and unable to interact with it.

Side quests

  • Fixed an issue in “The Second Verse” where Zo would not be in Plainsong after completing all main quests.

  • Fixed an issue in “Drowned Hopes” where the player could “open” rocks on the wrong side, breaking progress.

  • Fixed an issue in “The Flood” where Aloy could get stuck in the ground underwater after lighting a glow of fire.

  • Fixed an issue in “The Deluge” where Snapmaws could get stuck inside a wall, out of Aloy’s reach.

  • Fixed an issue in “Thirst for the Hunt” where the quest was not updating after killing the Thunderjaw.

  • Fixed an issue in “Lofty Ambitions” where Morlund could easily get stuck in a rock, leaving Aloy to take on the Stormbird on her own while he cheered her on from safety.

  • Fixed an issue in “In the Fog” where the Memorial Marker could not be found in Scrap Piles.

  • Fixed an issue where switching between the “What Was Lost” side quest and the “First to Fly” Races quest would cause Kotallo to not interact with it.

  • Fixed an issue in Errand Quest “Supply Drop” where Littay would get stuck under the terrain.

  • Fixed an issue in Errand Quest “Shining Example” where the player could block progress by destroying Metal Flower Vines before the “Destroy Metal Flower Vines” mission objective appears.

  • Fixed an issue in Errand Quest “Sons of Prometheus Data” where Ambushers took the term “ghost” to a new level and are no longer present after death.

Global activities

  • Fixed an issue in Cauldron “Kappa” where the player could respawn in an out of bounds area.

  • Fixed an issue in Rebel Camp “First Forge” where reloading a specific save would cause the player to spawn under terrain.

  • Fixed an issue in the “Colleague and Wrench” Salvage Contract where the player would get stuck in an “Examine the Disc Launcher” animation.

  • Fixed an issue in Relic Ruin “The Dry Yearn” where the railroad cart could get stuck behind a piece of rubble.

  • Fixed an issue in Relic Ruin “The Long Coast” where a shrink crate could get stuck in water.

  • Fixed an issue where black boxes could not be picked up.

  • Fixed an issue where black boxes could not be put back with Untalla.

User Interface/User Experience


Performance and stability


  • Fixed several issues that prevented 100% completion in the notebook. Graduates rejoice!

  • Fixed several issues where the player could escape from a boss fight with a mount.

  • Fixed an issue where Hunter’s Kit customizations would not persist after restarting the save.

  • Rebalanced several combat mechanics.

  • Fixed several music issues.

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