How “NBC Nightly News” Is Changing Its Use of Studio 1A According to the News Cycle

On its third night at Studio 1A, “NBC Nightly News” made a few changes to the set graphics, while also showcasing some of the challenges their design team might face in the future when preparing the images for the walls. video.

The first change on the September 15, 2021 show was subtle – instead of a mostly solid blue background on the 40-foot curved video wall in a corner of the studio, anchor Lester Holt stood in front of a graphic that had oversized letters. of the “Nightly News” logo on the very top of the program.

It all says this only on the screen for a few seconds.

This outlined text element was not added to similar simple blue graphics, however, except for the one shown on the flat video wall behind the docking desk visible just before going to the first break.

Over the top floor, the LED panels installed on the far right column of the curved video wall also sported an off-white graphic with gold underlined letters; previously it was dark blue with gold letters.

The graphics, including the gold background, behind the Lester Holt anchor, shown just before the first break earlier in the week of September 13, 2021.

This lighter graphic also appeared on the video panels that are located behind this freestanding flat video wall in the area closest to the “Today” home port.

The change obviously makes this panel stand out more, but also means that some of the “richness” of that background is lost.


On September 15, 2021, the gold turned off-white with gold letters. It also appears that the lettering on the blue panels has been punched out a bit.

The nature of the news cycles also meant that the September 15 flagship article did not lend itself as well to video wall data points as the show used on Nights 1 and 2.

Instead, “Nightly” led the US Gymnastics Team’s testimony on Capitol Hill on how their concerns about sexual abuse at the hands of a now-convicted team doctor would not have been heard – which is a story rooted more in human emotion than in the data.

To their credit, the NBC producers pivoted well and instead used three different video walls to feature the victim’s photograph as well as ‘pull the quote’ style graphics taken from their testimony.

However, the challenge of the ultra-wide landscape aspect ratio of this 40-foot curved video wall became more apparent when the show posted solo photos of the doctor and some of the gymnasts.

Unlike the dramatic images of devastation left by Tropical Storm Nicholas, photos of people are a bit more difficult to use in this type of space.

By composing individual shots of gymnasts with blurs between each shot, the “Nightly News” graphic team was able to fill the entire width of the screen. Blurs help to clearly indicate that images have been edited and is a widely accepted practice for this type of presentation. However, this photo also shows how important the neat design and blocking of the camera is – Holt almost covers the woman on the far right while the one on the left has been cut until the camera adjusts slightly. . It looks like the designers left a bit of “padding” on the right for Holt to stand in front of, but the camera angle didn’t quite work.

In this video, the network barely managed to avoid cutting the eyes of law enforcement. He also added solid colors to match the walls of the room the photo was taken in on either side and mixed the photo with a gradient mask.

Likewise, that view of the doomed doctor gently fades to black as she extends the camera just behind Holt. This particular image looked a bit skinny, so it’s possible that a text title was meant to be inserted but was not released for some reason.

Since time was not an important story, Al roker was not in the studio for a reportage, so after presenting the story from the top, Holt settled into a seated position rather than standing, behind the small docking desk placed near where the office “Today”.

Previously, he would stand during a throw to and from Roker, who delivered his predictions using the flat freestanding video wall; standing was apparently necessary for Holt to get out of the shot.

During the September 15 second article on coronavirus vaccines, the network used the video wall in the production area to present updated data on the toll of the pandemic.

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