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There’s a bench at Jamaica Plain in Boston that will make you feel like you’re seeing double, but don’t worry, that’s actually the way it’s designed.

It overlooks Jamaica Pond and looks a lot like the other benches on either side. The difference is that this bench has two backs and no front to be seen.

The U-Shaped Bench is actually a public art exhibit created by local sculptor and MassArt professor Matthew Hincman in 2006. The longtime Boston resident was inspired to create a mirrored bench during a his usual walks in the park.

“I walk around the pond and looked at one of the existing benches and just saw it mirrored,” he said. “I saw the mirror shape and I saw this shape. And when I saw the shape, I saw all the different kinds of possible meanings that it could carry. And I thought it would be really interesting because it can be a cafe and a kayak or a canoe. It could be a cradle. It can be so many different things. And that’s when I decided to make the object and then install it.

He spent months putting the piece together, even obtaining pieces from the same manufacturer as the other benches in the park, then transported his creation to the park to display.

Of course, he didn’t get permission to set up his guerrilla-style art exhibit in the park, but it didn’t take long for the bench to gain a permanent spot.

Rob Michaelson is trying to figure out how to sit on this unique bench, but it’s harder than it looks. Learn more about the story, the artist’s favorite position on it, in this episode of Boston Decoded.

Do you love Rob’s adventures uncovering the coolest stories and mysteries of the Boston area? You can watch more episodes of Boston Decoded here.

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