How to start a graphic design business

To start a graphic design business, you need to have a good laptop or desktop computer with good RAM of around 8 GB and more.

Jonathan Mayer Musimbi, CEO and Founder of Simbi visuals, a media company that does graphics, web design and digital marketing, claims that a good graphics card, the right storage capacity of 500 GB and over Other accessories like a mouse and a digital pen should also be added to the requirements that one needs to start a graphic design business.

Jonathan Mayer Musimbi.

Musimbi says that a notebook and pen for drafting drawings, before putting them in electronic copy, should not be left out.

“There are various graphic design software, such as the Adobe family of software, mainly Illustrator, Photoshop, After effects, Premiere Pro, Affinity Designer, Inscape, and Pixel lab, among others, which a graphic designer should choose from in order to get a good job. .

Another problem is that if you want your graphic design business to stay on trend, the learning never stops. You must therefore seek information on a daily basis to deepen your knowledge of graphic design, ”explains Musimbi.

Although 22-year-old Musimbi is still a third year student at Kyambogo University pursuing a BSc. Human Nutrition and Diet, he decided to start a graphic design company during this confinement out of passion.

He says, however, that he will maintain the business even after he completes his course as a side business.

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