How to Wear Loose Clothes Like a Fashion Girl

The baggy clothing trend is not new to the scene. In the 90s, the carefree attitude of grunge and hip hop culture introduced the now iconic oversized look. Sagging pants, flannels and ill-fitting hoodies were imprinted in the rebel DNA of the era and this influence can be traced back to today’s revival. But you might be wondering how to style loose clothing so it doesn’t feel like you’re swimming in a sea of ​​fabric, and the answer is: proportion.

“Whenever I wear baggy pants, I always make sure the top I wear is close-fitting and usually cropped,” The Folklore founder Amira Rasool told TZR. His inspiration? Aliyah. “She always wore these baggy cargo pants with a tight crop top. I do this because I like being able to show off my figure a bit even when I’m hiding my lower half.

Rasool’s rule of thumb for accessorizing a baggy outfit is to cut it down. “I like to keep the look as minimal as possible because the pants are really the draw and already have so much volume,” she says. “I usually wear a basic flat sandal like a Teva and pair it with a small bag, like the Telfar mini.”

Another loose fit styling tip might seem counterintuitive: adapt it. “Oversize should be a choice of style or how the garment is cut to fit. Often we see people in stores – especially smaller customers – feeling like they look lost in oversized items,” Pauline Montupet, founder of boutique Le Point, told TZR. The key is to make sure they look intentionally big. So pants can be loose in the hips and legs, but make sure the waist is snug. Or, an oversized jacket – taking the sleeve or hem a few inches can make a huge difference in something that looks intentionally oversized versus just too big.

Both experts agree that styling multiple loose pieces in one outfit isn’t the easiest task. “Pairing oversized tops with baggy pants isn’t really my thing. The only time I will do that is when I pair an oversized dress that ends a little above the ankle with oversized wide leg pants that stick out a little below the dress,” Rasool says. “The trick is that the pants shouldn’t be so baggy that they look bulky under the dress you’re wearing. Pants usually need to be wider or straight at the bottom to pull it off.

As for Montupet, a successful oversized moment of layering also refers to this idea of ​​fit and proportion. “It’s a little harder to go baggy on baggy to create that juxtaposition of proportions, but it’s doable if you keep these two main things in mind to make it work. First, keep it polished – so make sure the items are large but properly fitted and second, add a touch of skin – a little on the collarbone, leg or ankle can help break up all the fabric Ahead are a handful of recent baggy looks that are worth repeating and where to buy the best oversized pieces.

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With a short cardigan

As Rasool pointed out, an easy way to quickly style a pair of baggy pants is with a tight top (bonus points if it’s a little short).

monochrome snapshot

Winter whites are made slightly cooler when worn in a voluminous silhouette, as pictured above with this puffer jacket and trouser duo.

Play with textures

Incorporating multiple textures into one outfit kicks things up a notch, and the contrast between a leather bomber jacket and nylon cargo pants is so good.

Paired with something sweet

Once the temperatures thaw a little and the arrival of spring is closer (almost here!), a great way to transition your floral dresses from winter into the new season is to layer an oversized jacket over- above.

Statement Outerwear

If baggy pants or a plus-size top don’t suit you, an oversized jacket will still do (and tends to be easier to style).

Oversized t-shirt, please

A baggy graphic tee worn with your favorite pieces (a leather jacket and pleated skirt, maybe?) is a fresh and stylish way to tackle the oversized trend.

Exit clip

Going out tops and baggy jeans are the new sartorial formula of the moment, and it’s only going to get bigger in the coming months.

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