Indie pop artist Jelani Aryeh’s guide to San Diego

At sunset or when it gets dark, I like to visit the Torrey Gliderport. It is a large, very panoramic space and you can see people paragliding. It’s like you’re looking at them right in front of your face, just 30 feet away, and you’re very close to the cliff. Being there, it feels like everything is moving slowly, and it’s super calming. It’s almost like an experience of going to the meditation garden, just further up the coast. It’s so special to watch the sunset too, and how different it is every time. I love going there, singing really loud in my car, people watching and just chilling out. I almost cry my eyes out every time I go there.

I found out going there some time after high school. In many of these places that I love in San Diego, some of my favorite memories are just conversations I had with my friends. They are always super nutritious. It’s those times and places like that that make me think, “Oh, this is my home.”

I appreciate that I can still find new places to love in my hometown. I grew up in a bubble in the suburbs of 4S Ranch, but now I’m older so I can drive and explore on my own. I can go to La Jolla and go to downtown Coronado. The city is super special to me in a way she has never felt before.

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