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Ink People Center for the Arts has announced the FAR: Artists’ Resilience Mini-Grants.

This year’s awards support the creative endeavors of 30 artists from Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties, including work in visual arts exhibition and studio practice, arts education and program creation, makers, space building, mural painting, ceramics production, animation and short film production, dance and community theater production, self-publishing, music performance, recording and live streaming. This competitive grant opportunity attracted 83 applications. After review by an eight-member committee of community arts and culture stakeholders, 36% were selected to receive awards.

“The Ink People is thrilled to support the flourishing of the arts throughout the region,” said Leslie Castellano, Executive Director of Ink People. “This funding will help launch high-impact projects, support the well-being of artists, and contribute to the arts and culture economy of Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties. Artists and culture bearers are an integral part of thriving local communities. We are grateful for the opportunity to uplift each of these artists, so they can continue their vital endeavours.

Funds For Artists: Resilience (FAR), underwritten through the Humboldt Area Foundation and the Wild Rivers Foundation, previously sponsored a series of public art grants which the Ink People also administered. While the 2020 FAR grants focused on proposals that used public art to benefit the community as a whole, the 2022 mini-grants program promoted the individual well-being of artists and culture bearers in the region. He prioritized the many people who suffered losses during the pandemic, celebrating their resilience. Earlier this year, the request for proposals launched by Ink People in partnership with other arts organizations Del Norte Association for Cultural Awareness and Trinity County Arts Council specified that the mini-grants could be used to support a wide variety of activities. .

Artists came up with an array of creative proposals in response.

Del Norte County Mini-Grants will:

• Julie Smiley: $500 to support the development of “Learn to See, Learn to Smell,” a nature-based curriculum for use in area schools.

• Lauren Godla: $500 support needed for the “Two Suns” aerial performance, in which dancers will be suspended in climbing harnesses above the South Fork of the Smith River.

• Keila Cobble: $300 supports the painting practice of a fantastic and popular artist.

Trinity County Mini-Grant Rewards:

• Debra Holland Olson: $300. Supports the costs of a Weaverville mural to be painted by high school youth.

• Lisa Barrow: $300. Supports the printing of a literary/arts journal, “Trinity County Voices”, which will be distributed alongside the work of community artists at a wine farm stand.

• Kathy Martens: $300. Covers the cost of printing a self-published book.

• John Garrett $300. Support for the production expenses of the community ceramic workshops.

• Seth Childer: $300. Supports the renovation of the Weaverville Building to become Trinity County’s premier community building space.

Mini-Grant Awards in Humboldt County:

• Jorden Goodspeed: $300 to support the production of a Zoom workshop on craft printing techniques.

• Lilyan Navarro: $300 to support the studio practice of a portrait painter for an exhibition.

• Soodie Whitaker: $300 for art supplies and registration fees for the painter to exhibit at the Humboldt County Fair

• James Zeller: $500 to support the production costs of the J Street Radio Hour Outreach series

• Marina Gagarina: $300 to support Organism Press, a small press that makes posters, t-shirts and graphics for local groups and non-profit organizations.

• Sean Charles: $300 to support “Outer Space Variety Hour”, a virtual open-mic event.

• Nikki Valencia: $300 in supplies support to create artwork for a solo exhibition of Afrocentric art.

• Monique Harper-Desir: $500 to support the production expenses of an original fictional short film exploring the BlPOC experience in Humboldt County.

• Violet Crabtree: $300 to support public stop-action animation workshops and animation experiences in support of the ongoing film project, “Wildfur”.

• Daniel Nickerson: $300 to support the creation of Cowtown Boogie Records, a record label featuring locally produced acoustic music.

• Dionna Ndlovu: $300 to support the production expenses of “This is a Body”, a community theater experience run by the BlPOC.

• Annette Makino: $300 supporting the creation of Asian-inspired collages and haiku for upcoming exhibits in Eureka and San Francisco.

• Naomi Doherty: $500 to support the production expenses of a mural project at Eureka High School.

• Alex Nelson-Velez: $300 for the purchase of a community screen printing press

• Laura Corsiglia: $300 supporting “Intertwine”, an exhibition featuring prints by three local engravers.

• Carissa Clark: $300 to support pop-up events providing free handwritten letters to homeless community members.

• Laura Muñoz: $300 to support the development of a dance project and travel to perform at the Diasporas Festival, Berkeley.

• Stacey Mintey: $300 to purchase art supplies for an identified LGBTQ artist and youth.

• Angela Valetutto $300 supporting a mail art project.

• Julio Torres: $300 to support the design and production of a seven-song “Los Perdidos” album.

• Becka Suen $300 to support a ceramics studio.

• Maureen McGarry: $300 to support the creation of a curriculum around self-published children’s books.

To learn more about the FAR: Funds for Artists’ Resilience Mini-Grants, go to

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