Innovent Solutions Launches FindTuner® v3.4 with Powerful Automation and Improved Visual Navigation


Innovative solutions, Inc., a leading integrator of e-commerce search and merchandising solutions using Apache Solr, releases version 3.4 of FindTuner®. The new version provides powerful automation for navigation, enables extension of machine learning models and further improves visual navigation capabilities.

The highlights of the version include:

  • Powerful Automation for Navigation: FindTuner AutoTune extends its powerful machine learning capabilities by elevating top brands, categories and product features. Improve conversion and the buyer’s experience by automatically providing the right facets for any context with important, actionable insights from each buyer’s interaction on the storefront.
  • Extensible Machine Learning: FindTuner AutoTune extends its proven machine learning models to deliver the best products without manual effort. Use engagement with promoted products, favorite items, quick views, and more to continuously improve search and navigation results for great shopping experiences.
  • Improved Visual Navigation: FindTuner’s visual navigation has been enhanced to provide additional ways to define navigation paths that can combine categories, brands, and product attributes. Send buyers to pages that convert, direct buyers quickly to the content they are looking for, or get buyers to explore the site.

About FindTuner

FindTuner creates engaging search experiences that convert buyers into buyers. FindTuner shows shoppers the products they want to buy, continually improves the customer experience through machine learning, responds to buyer behavior and trends, and removes barriers to superior search. FindTuner works with any site powered by Apache Solr, including pre-built integration with SAP Commerce Cloud.

Merchants who are already using Solr will find that FindTuner can be deployed quickly. Innovent offers deployment consulting services focused on training and knowledge transfer, as well as development and deployment assistance to help customers get the solution up and running quickly. For merchants planning to migrate to Solr, Innovent provides Solr Consulting and integration services that allow for a seamless transition and rapid time to market.

For more information on FindTuner, please visit

About innovative solutions

Innovent Solutions provides services and solutions for search, business intelligence and e-commerce technologies. We have helped many e-commerce merchants deploy search solutions that maximize product visibility and provide a feature-rich search experience for customers. Our solutions leverage merchandising techniques to increase product visibility and integrate metric-based information to improve search relevance and product conversion. Innovent Solutions is a privately held company headquartered in Irvine, California. For more information, please visit

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